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There are many different printer drivers for the different manufacturers systems. These drivers can be difficult to find. It's possible to spend hours nesting around through manufacturer websites to locate drivers. Now, you can download one simple driver retrieval tool and find your drivers immediately.

Dot Matrix Printers

These printers required a cartridge made of tape with ink in it. When the printer received a print command from the PC, the driver would tell the printer which pins it would hit the ink tape with to make the characters. Some of these printers only had 9 pins. Others had 24. They were slow and could be testy at times.

Inkjet Printers

These printers are still very prominent in the market. Especially for color print jobs at an afforable price. They require ink cartridge(s). These ink cartridges have a nozzle on them that take commands from the print driver. When they are passed over the paper by the print head, their nozzle actually sprays the paper with the appropriate color or black ink. The print quietly, and quickly in most cases.

Laser Printers

Laser Printers print very quietly. Their quality is always exceptional except when the toner is low, or the rollers get toner on them and streaks can be seen on the paper. These printers take toner cartridges. They are filled with a powder. The laserbeam actually melts this toner onto the paper as it passes over it. The precision of lasers increases the qualtiy of output in print jobs. They can print many pages per minute unlike the old dot matrix and inkjet printers.