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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Cirrus Logic Drivers
CS4620-CM driver CS4620-CM.zip Windows XP
CS4620-CM driver crlds3d.dll Windows XP
5436 driver SP1894.exe Windows 98
CS4299 driver PS4028.zip Windows NT 3.x
CS4235 driver Ps0192.zip Windows NT 3.x
CS4614 driver ps2085.zip Windows NT 3.x
CS4299 driver PW4031.zip Windows 98SE
CS4235 driver Px3010.zip Windows 98SE
CS4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98
CS4281 driver PS5018.zip Windows 95
CS4235 driver PV2860.zip Windows 95
CS4614 driver PV2885.zip Windows 95
CS4299 driver PV4026.zip Windows 95
CS4281 driver Pv5018.zip Windows 95
CS4630 driver PW3041.zip Windows 2000
CS4614 driver PI0306.zip
Cirrus_Logic_Crystal_WDM.rar All Windows 2000
CS4280,CS4614,CS4624,CS4630 driver Win98-Me-2K-WDM.zip Other
4299 driver PV4026.zip All Windows 98
CS4280-CM driver Win98-Me-2K-WDM.zip Other
CS4280-CM driver Win95-VxD.zip Other
CS4280-CM driver WIN-NT40.zip Other
Crystal 4620-cm driver cs_4620-cm.zip Windows 98SE
MODE.COM Windows 98SE
S4281 driver WDM_Driver All Windows 2000
cs4218kl driver Windows 95a
cs4218kl driver Windows 95a
CRYSTAL CS4299 JQ driver PW4031.zip Windows 98SE
audio4281driversnfo.ace Windows XP
CS4299 Audio CODEC AC97 driver CS4299-ver6.13.10.4143-XPSP1.zip Windows XP
md4450c driver Windows 95a
md4450c driver Windows 95a
Audio_5150_Eng.exe Windows ME
PW4031.zip Other
Viaide.inf Windows 98
CS4232, 35,36B, 37B, 38B, And CS4239 driver PV2860.zip Windows 98
me_4026.exe Windows 98
me_4026.exe Windows 98
SETUP.EXE Windows 98
cs 4236 driver soundcard.ace Windows 98
cs4236 driver Cs4236ld.vxd Not Specified
CS4299 driver 4299.zip Windows 98SE
CX 4235 driver Windows 98SE
PW4026 driver PW4026.zip Windows 98SE
PW4026 driver PW4026.zip Windows 98SE
cs4216-kl driver Windows 95a
Emachine 600s driver Pv5018.zip Windows 98
CL4299 driver Cirrusdriver4299support.zip Windows 2000
Cs 4281 driver Cs4281.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4281 driver Crystal SoundFusion Windows 2000
CS4299 driver crystalaudiocodecCS4299.exe Windows 2000
magic s23 driver Windows 95 & 98
CS4231KL driver CS4231KL.zip Windows 98
CS4299 driver 4299w9xs.zip Windows 95 & 98
cs4280-cm driver crystw98.zip Windows 98
cs4281 driver Windows 98
cs4281 driver Windows 98
5436 driver doc1.art Windows 98
Windows 98
Windows 98
cs4237b-kq driver crystal cs4237b-kq Windows 98
cs4237b-kq driver crystal cs4237b-kq Windows 98
CX4235 driver Windows 95 & 98
CX4235 driver Windows 95 & 98
CS4280-CM driver Unix or Linux
CS4280-CM driver Unix or Linux
Winzip32.exe Not Specified
Winzip32.exe Not Specified
CS4232 driver w95fr272.zip Windows 95
4xxxxb series driver w95us272.zip All Windows Versions
Crystal CS4232 driver b95us250.zip Windows 95 & 98
w95us272.zip Windows 95 & 98
cx4235-xq3 driver w95us272.zip Windows 95
CS4218 driver WINZIP32.EXE Windows 95
Cmi8330.inf Windows 95
Cmi8330.inf Not Specified
iusw301r.zip Windows 98
cs4232 driver b95us250.zip Windows 95
Setup.exe Windows 95
CS4235 driver Drivers.zip Windows 95 & DOS
Jazz16 driver Jazz16.zip Windows 3.1