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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Crystal Semiconductors Drivers
Crystal-sound-fusion.zip Windows 95
via ct8 driver original_hp_wme_crys.exe Windows 95
CX4235, 4236B, 4237B, 4238B driver 4235_nt4a.zip Windows NT 4.0
Crystal SoundFusion driver Z8260R02.exe Windows 98
CS4236 (& others) driver cs423x.zip Windows 3.1
RTL8139C driver HP_xt926_crystal_audio.zip Windows 95
Crystal_Win95_win98_423x.zip Windows 95
SSC-2 driver win2000.rar Windows XP
SSC-2 driver WinNT4.0.rar Windows NT 4.0
SSC-2 driver Win9598.rar Windows 95
CS-4299 used in HP Pavilions driver hp_cs4299_9x.zip Windows 95
CX423x driver 423x_9xnt_6drivers.zip Windows 95
driver_de_som_Crista...260.zip Windows 95
4 driver Cwbwdm.sys Windows 98
Crystal4281.exe Windows XP
CS4299 driver cs4299.exe Windows 95
CS4297 CS4614 CS4624 driver CS4297_CS4614___CS46...-2K.zip Windows 98
CS4231A-KL driver opti924w95c.exe Windows 95
aaw6.exe Windows 95
HP 6630 driver Crystal_hp6630_98.zip Windows 95
cwbaud98.inf Windows 95
CA-F120 driver CS4235.zip Windows 95
AudioCS.zip Windows 95
aw35 / aw37 driver aw35___aw37.zip Windows 3.1
Cx4235.zip Windows 95
4232,4233,4234,4235,...38,4239 driver PV2860.zip Windows 95
Crystal_WDM_Audio_Co...tup.zip Windows XP
HP Pavilion 6740c driver PW4031.zip Windows 95
cs4280-cm driver w9x2882.exe Windows 95
CS4280 driver PW3041.zip Windows 98SE
PW3041.zip Windows 98SE
Crystal 4236b driver crs4236b.zip Windows 95
CS4201 AC97 driver cs4201_ac97_98.zip Windows 98SE
cs4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98SE
cs4235 driver Spanish.zip Windows NT 4.0
cs4235 driver cs4235.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
CS4281 driver cs4281-9xme2kxp.exe 21
AW320 CS4614 driver w9x2883.exe Windows 98SE
cs 4236 driver DD56161.exe Windows 2003 Server
CX4235.zip 21
Cirrus logic Magic S32/S23 driver Px3010.zip Windows 98SE
VLi8 driver Soundw-midi.zip Windows ME
4614 driver Pv5015.cat All Windows 98
CS4232, CS4235,CS4236,CS4236B,37B,38B,39 driver Crystal2.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
4280 driver crystwdm.zip Other
CRYSTAL CS4280 driver 810audio.exe All Windows 98
Windows 98SE
crystal, trigem, emachine 82801aa chipset sound driver driver crystal.zip Other
CS4280-CM driver 4297a.zip All Windows 98
Cs4235.ace Windows 95a (osr1)
PW5026.zip 21
Cwc4612.os_ All Windows 98
Setup.exe All Windows 98
4281 PCI Sound Card driver PW5026.zip Windows ME
crystalaudiocodecCS4281.exe All Windows 2000
CS 4232/36/37/38 driver Sysaudio.sys Windows 98SE
cs4280 driver Win98-Me-2K-WDM.zip Windows 98SE
CS4280CM.zip Windows 98SE
CrySetup.exe All Windows 2000
CS 4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98SE
4280-CM driver Crystal_4280.zip Windows 98SE
CS4232/36/36B/37B/38B driver Crystal.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
CS4281 driver 4281WDM.exe Windows 98SE
CS4610 driver 4610WDM.exe Windows 98SE
CS4610 driver 46109X.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
CrystalWDM.ZIP Windows 98SE
A-4280 driver cryl95.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
ShortcuttoSoundsandM...dia.lnk Windows 2000 Professional
ac974026.exe Windows 98SE
pw5026-98seME2K.zip Windows 2000 Professional
Agere driver cs4620.zip Windows 98SE
cs 4232 driver SNDVOL32.EXE Windows 98SE
Crystal 4236-KQ driver 4236-KQ.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
CS-4281 driver Crystal_4281.zip All Windows 2000
PW4026.cat Windows 98SE
CS4299 driver PV4026.zip All Windows 98
Crystal SoundFusion CS4620 driver CS4620-winNT.zip Windows NT 4.0
cs4232 driver CWB3DSnd.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbaudix.vxd Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbfm.drv Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbjoy.vxd Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver cwbmidi.drv Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbmidi.vxd Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbmix.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Cwbpcple.dll Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Msgloop.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Setup.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Vwstream.vxd Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Wstream.dll Windows 95b (osr2)
cs4232 driver Setup.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
ac974026 driver 4299vxd.zip Windows 98SE
Crystal.zip Windows 98
CrystalSoundcardDriv...1XP.EXE Windows XP
cs4281.zip Windows 98
CrystalDriversWin9x.ZIP Windows 98
dt-0196h.zip Windows 98SE
cx4235-xq3 ep driver Windows 98SE
CrystalWDMCodecXPSetup.zip Windows XP
Crystal_WDM_Audio_Co...tup.zip Windows XP
512 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98
CS4232, CS4236, CS4236B, CS4237B, CS4238B driver Crystal.zip Not Specified
CS423X driver win2k.zip Windows 2000
cx4235 driver CX4235_WIN9x_ME.zip Windows ME
crystal4281cs.zip Windows 98SE
cs4231A driver cs4231A Windows 95b
cs4231A driver cs4231A Windows 95b
cs4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 2000
crystalcs4281.zip Windows ME
cs4239.zip Not Specified
Setup.exe Windows 98SE
SC4237B-KQ driver Px3010.zip Windows ME
CS4237B-KQ driver Crystal Windows 98SE
CS4237B-KQ driver PV2860.zip Windows 95b
CS-4281-CM driver cs-4281-w9x.exe Windows 98SE
CS4231A-KL driver CS4231A-KL.exe Windows 95a
HP Pavilion driver Crystal_Audio_WDM.zip Windows ME
Crystal Audio Sound Chip driver 4299vxd.zip Windows 98
Crystal Audio WDM driver 4299wdm.zip Windows 98
chipset 4299 for Hp-6630 driver PW4031.zip Windows 98SE
CS4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98SE
CS4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98SE
CS4299 AC97 driver MB091ADD.zip Windows XP
Driver13.cab Windows 95a
CS4280/4614/4624/4630 driver PW3041.zip Windows 95b
mplayer2.exe Windows 98
cs4299 driver CWAAUDIO.INF Windows XP
CS ESS 1868 driver CrystalCodex.zip Windows 95b
cs4280-cmawuebgoo13 driver Winzip32.exe Windows 98SE
CS 4235, PT 2318 ISA driver IusW301r.zip Windows 98SE
931w95a.exe Windows 98
EMonster_600_Sound_Win2000.zip Windows 2000 Pro
CS42803D driver CS42803D.exe Windows 98SE
Crystal Cs4280 driver Cs4280.zip Windows 98
CX4235 driver iusw301r.zip Windows 2000 Pro
4297a driver 4297a.zip Windows 98SE
3D -AGP driver Paltalk.exe Windows 98
CS4281 driver cs4281.zip Windows 98
Crystal 4229 driver Win9X.zip Windows 98
CS4281-CM EP driver crystalcs4281.zip Windows 98
etower566isoundAC97c...dio.zip Windows 98SE
4281 driver Windows ME
4281 driver Windows ME
CX4235 driver Wordpad.exe Not Specified
Ctwave32.exe Windows 98
cs4239 driver CRYSTALAUDIO.zip Other
Crystal CS 4232,36,36B,37B,38B driver crystalcs4232x.zip Windows 95b
Crystal CS 4235 driver crystalcs4235win95.zip Windows 95b
cs4280w9x.exe Windows 98SE
Windows 98
CS4237B driver ACFEA.zip Windows 98
1996 until Now driver crystal95.zip Windows 98
461x301.w98.zip Windows 98SE
CS-4248-KL driver CS4248KL.zip Windows 98SE
CRYSTAL driver CRYSTALAUDIO.zip Windows 98SE
CX4237B-XQ3 driver crystal_cx4237b-xq3.zip Windows 95a
pavilion 6630 driver ac974026.exe Windows 98
CS4231A driver CS4231A.zip Windows 95a
cs4248-kl driver 929w95.exe Windows 95a
CS4299 driver 4299w98s.zip Windows 98SE
4281 driver crystalcirruspv5015c.zip Windows ME
Setup.exe Windows 98
CS4280 driver cs4280.zip Windows 98SE
Setup.exe Windows 98
cs4922, crystal wdm audio codec driver Crystal-SoundDriver.zip Windows 98SE
CS4281 driver CS4281.zip Windows 98SE
cs4218-kl.zip Windows 95b
cs4232-37 driver mfcsw95.zip Windows 95b
CS4611 driver cs4611.zip Windows 98SE
k0237047 driver CSWDM Windows 98SE
symmonnt.sys Windows 98
CS4232 driver CS4232files.exe Windows 95b
CS4232 driver CS4232files_CRD423x_...95b.exe Windows 95b
Cwrwdm.inf Windows 98
CX4235 driver CX4235_NT4.zip Windows NT 4.0
CS4232 driver AP64DN_W95C.zip Windows 95a
on board cs4235 driver cs4235.exe Windows 95b
CS4280,CS4614,CS4624 driver PW3022R.zip Windows 2000 Pro
PCI audio accelerator driver Cssynth.cab Windows 98
PCI Audio accelerator driver Cssynth.cab Windows 98
version 001 driver Cssynth.cab Windows 98
cwraudio.inf Windows 98
CS4231a-kl driver opti924w95c.exe Windows 95a
002 driver cwawdm.sys Windows 98SE
CS4232 driver Audio.zip Windows 98SE
cx4325 driver Win98.zip Windows 98
CS4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 2000
Crystal WDM Audio Codec driver XTLW2K.EXE Windows 2000
CS4281 driver PW5026.zip Windows 98SE
cs4235 driver ACFE4.zipcrystaldriver.zip Windows 98
mf-009 driver MediaSound16bitPNPsoundcard..ZIP Windows 95b
wbmpu401.sys Windows 2000 Pro
cs4280 driver setup.exe Windows 95b
CS4281 driver CWRWDM.SYS Windows 2000
Crystal WDM Audio Codec driver tpafkq2k.exe Windows 2000 Pro
Crystal Soundfusion driver Crystal Soundfusion Windows 2000 Pro
CS4237B driver NT.zip Windows NT 4.0
WIN98WDM.zip Windows 98
CS4232/36/37/38 driver Crystal PnP Windows 98SE
cs4281 driver crystalcs4281.zip Windows 98
cs4216 Windows 95b
42353D driver CRYSTAL4235.zip Windows 95b
CX4235, CS4235 driver cx4235.ZIP Windows 98SE
Cwbaudix.vxd Windows 98
Cwbaudio.drv Windows 98
Cwbfm.drv Windows 98
Cwbmidi.drv Windows 98
AW35/PRO driver AW35.exe Other
CS4299 driver cs4299.zip Windows 98SE
4281 driver Pv5018.zip Windows 98
crystal 4235 driver 2318-98.zip Windows 98
CS4236 driver CS4236_Win9x_ver201.zip Windows 95 & 98
VMM32.VXD All Windows Versions
Crystal WDM Driver driver Sound.zip Not Specified
Crystal 4281 driver cwrwdm.sys Windows 2000
cmi8330 driver cmi8330.zip Windows 95 & 98
cs4232 driver Crystal Windows 95 & DOS
V4.05.2710 driver Cwdaudix.vxd Windows 98
CS4611 with CS4236B driver CS4611.zip Windows 98
cs4281.exe Windows 2000
fv2883c.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS461x driver files driver fv2883c.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4281 driver PW5018r.zip All Windows Versions
CS4232 driver b95us250.zip Windows 95 & 98
cs4248 kl driver Windows 95 & 98
ACFEA.zip Windows 98
Setupdrv.exe Windows 98
cs4281 driver PW5015C.zip Windows 2000
CRYSTAL CS4237B driver Crystal PnP audio s Windows 95
CRYSTAL CS4237B driver Crystal PnP audio s Windows 95
CS4280 PCI driver Unix or Linux
CS4280 PCI driver Unix or Linux
mpu-401 DOS
cx4235 driver 23180718.zip Windows 95 & 98
CX4235 WIN ME driver 23180718.zip All Windows Versions
AW32 driver cwbaudix.vxd Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbaudio.bin Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbaudio.drv Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbaudix.vxd Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbfm.drv Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbmidi.drv Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbmidi.vxd Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver cwbpcple.dll Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver vwstream.vxd Windows 95 & DOS
AW32 driver wstream.dll Windows 95 & DOS
CX4235-XQ3 driver CX4235W98.zip Windows 98
cs 4281 driver pv5015c.zip Windows 95 & 98
cs4232 driver Mmdevldr.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbaudio.drv Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbaudix.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbfm.drv Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbjoy.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbmidi.drv Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbmidi.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwbpcple.dll Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcbose.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcdsnd.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwclang.dll Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcmcrnd.ax Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcmmsys.drv Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcmmsys.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcmpeg.ax Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcproxy.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcspud.vxd Windows 95
cs4232 driver Cwcspud3.vxd Windows 95
cwbase.sys Windows 2000
Crystal CS42XXX Series driver Not Specified
symmonnt.sys Windows 98
AW32 Pro driver cs9233.zip Windows 95 & 98
cs4232/36/37/38 driver setup.exe Windows 98
CS4299 driver v4026.exe Windows 98
CS4280 driver cs4280w9x.exe Windows 95 & 98
CS4236B driver crystal.zip Windows 95
crd4237b driver crd423x.zip Windows 95
cw4237 driver crystal.inf Windows 98
not known, but it came as part of my Dell Optiplex driver DCP9EA07.exe Windows 95 & 98
b95gr260.zip Windows 95
CS423* driver Windows 95
CS423* driver Windows 95
cs32ba11.sys Windows NT
CS4280 driver fs2080c.zip Windows NT
cs4281-cm driver cs4281.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS 4281 driver cs4281.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4235 driver Windows 95 & 98
Crystal.zip Windows 98
AW35/AW37 driver AW37.zip Windows 98
FSSC-AL2 driver mf1000.zip Windows 95 & DOS
cs4281 driver Windows 95 & 98
CS4231a KL driver WINDRV.zip Windows 3.1
CS4281 driver Crystal4281.exe Windows 2000
Setup.exe All Windows Versions
cs 4281 driver crystalcs4281.zip Windows 98
PW5015C driver cs4281.zip Not Specified
CX4235 driver CX4235 All Windows Versions
CS4236B driver Crystal.zip Windows NT
K0237047 driver Windows 98
CS4281 driver cs4281_w2k.zip Windows 2000
VJOYD.VXD Windows 95 & 98
929w95.exe All Windows Versions
cs4231a-kl.zip All Windows Versions
SoundCristalisa.zip All Windows 98
CX4237B, CS4237B, CX4235, CS4235, etc driver CrystalWare Audio Windows NT
CS-4236B (Sound Fusion) driver Ck9ea05.exe Windows 98
CS4280 driver CS4280.W98.zip Windows 98
Crystal Crystal Pnp Audio MPU 401 driver cwd.zip Windows 98
CS4280 driver CS4280.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4299 driver Crystal-SoundDriver.zip Windows 98
crystal pnp audio codec driver cwd.zip Windows 95 & 98
crystal 4235 driver cwd.zip Windows 95 & 98
CMI8330 driver 30w98v64.zip Windows 98
crystal wdm audio codec driver Win98.zip Windows 98
cs4235 chip on MB driver cs4235.zip Windows 98
cs32ba11.dll Not Specified
CS4281 driver cs4281nt.zip Windows NT
CS4236, CS4236B, CS4232, CS4232A, CS4237B driver CS4236_Win9x_ver201.zip Windows 95 & 98
4232 driver B95us250.zip Windows 95
Unknown driver crystal cx4235 Windows 98
CS4280 driver crystwdm.zip Windows 95 & 98
CMI 8330 series driver 30W98ver20.zip Windows 98
CS4299 driver cs4299nt40.zip Windows NT
4236b driver Crystal4236b.exe Windows NT
4235 driver crystal4235.exe Windows 95 & 98
4236b driver Crystal4236bwin95.exe Windows 95
4237 driver Crystal4237.exe All Windows Versions
CrystalWareAudioDriverwin95.exe Windows 95
Crystal 4235 driver Dos_4235.zip DOS
CS461x driver CrystalAudioDrivers.zip Windows 98
CS4299 driver pv4010cs.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4299 driver pv4010cs.zip Not Specified
CS4235.zip Windows 98
updateCS4235.zip Windows 98
CX 4235 driver win98.EXE Windows 98
CS4280 driver fv2883c-SoundCardDriver.zip Windows 95 & 98
cx4237b driver Windows 95
Setup.exe Windows 95 & 98
cs4248-kl driver 929w95.exe Windows 95 & DOS
cs4232.zip Windows 95 & 98
cx4235-xq3 driver Setup.exe Windows 98
Cwbaudio.cab Windows 98
Cwdaudio.cab Windows 98
CS9233-CQ driver 1of1.zip Windows 95 & DOS
CS9233-CQ driver 1of2.zip Windows 95 & DOS
CS9233-CQ driver 1of2.zip Windows 95 & DOS
CS9233-CQ driver 2of2.zip Windows 95 & DOS
S--16WP1/L driver b95us250.zip Windows 95 & 98
etower266 driver CRYSTALSAUDIODRIVERS.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4232orCS32-3DI.zip Not Specified
CS4232/36/36b/37b/38b driver b95us260.zip Windows 95 & 98
Version 2.01 for Win95 driver w95_201.exe Not Specified
4232w9x.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4280 driver fv2883c.zip Windows 95 & 98
z-noteflex (486) driver crysemaud.zip Windows 95 & DOS
setup.exe All Windows Versions
pnpaudio Cx4235 driver Iusw300a.zip Windows 98
Cx4235 (pnpaudio) driver cwd3dsnd.exe Windows 95
cx4235 driver cwd3dsnd.exe Not Specified
Cx4235 driver cwd3dsnd.exe Not Specified
Cx4235 driver cwd3dsnd.exe Not Specified
cx4237b driver Windows 98
CX4235W98.zip Windows 98
Crystal PnP Audio System driver w95us272.zip Windows 98
cs4248-kl DOS
cs4248-kl DOS
CX4235-XQ3, CS4235 driver 4235drv.exe Windows 98
Tidalwave 32 CS3241A driver Cs4231a.zip Windows 95 & 98
Mmdevldr.vxd Windows 95
CS4232 version 1.51 driver 12217035.exe Windows 95 & DOS
CS4231A driver msimn.exe Windows 95
CS 4235, 4236B, 4237B, 4238B, 4239 driver iusw301r.zip Windows 98
b95us250.zip Windows 98
cwbaudix.vxd Windows 98
fusv287r.zip Windows 95
CS4235win98.zip Windows 98
CS4235, CS423xB driver CS4235win95.zip Windows 95
CS4235, CS423xB driver CS4235win3.1.zip Windows 3.1
CS4237B driver cwbaudio.drv Windows 95 & 98
Cwbaudix.vxd Windows 98
Mmdevldr.vxd Windows 98
setup.exe Windows 98
CS4237 driver crstaudv180.exe Windows NT
CS4232/6/6B/7B/8B, CS4235, CS4239 driver nt3b19us.zip Windows NT
CS4232/6/6B/7B/8B, CS4235, CS4239 driver nt4b19us.zip Windows NT
CS4280 driver fuss205r.zip Windows NT
CS4280 driver puss205r.zip Windows NT
CS4235, CS4236B, CS4237B, CS4238B, and CS4239 driver iusw301r.zip Windows 98
CS4280, CS4614 and CS4624 driver pusw301r.zip Windows 98
CS4280 driver fusv287r.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4614 and CS4624 driver pusv287r.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4232/6B/7B/8B driver b95us250.zip Windows 95
CS4236B/37B and CS4235/39 driver w95us272.zip Windows 95
CS4614, CS4624, and CS4280 driver cwos2303.zip OS/2
CS4236B, CS4237B, CS4238B, CS4235, and CS4239 driver os2208fm.zip OS/2
CS4236B, CS4237B, CS4238B, CS4235, and CS4239. driver os2208wt.zip OS/2
CS4231, CS4232, and CS4236 driver cwos2175.zip OS/2
aftprw95.exe Windows 95
CS423X driver cs423x.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
CS423X driver cs423x.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
setup.exe Windows 95
CS4237 driver cs4237_nt4.zip Windows NT
Crystal CX4235 driver cx4235.zip Windows 95 & 98
CS4237 driver cs4237_win95.zip Windows 95 & 98
CX4235 driver cx4235.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cwcaudio.inf Windows 98
CS4231A-KL driver WINDRV.zip Not Specified
cs 4232 driver cs.exe Windows 95 & 98
cx 4235 driver cx4235.zip Windows 95
Newclear 3d driver newclear.exe Windows 95
Crystal 4236 driver 4236nt4.zip Windows NT
Crystal 4232 driver Crystal4232.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
CS4232 driver b95us250.zip Windows 95 & 98
CRYSTAL AUDIO DRIVER VERSION D2720 driver w95us272.zip Windows 95
4237 Audio chipset driver aspv4237.exe Windows 95 & DOS
CS4231A-KL driver cs4231a.zip Windows 95 & DOS
CWB3DSnd.exe Windows NT
CS4232/6/6B/7B/8B, CS4235, CS4239 driver nt4b19us.zip Windows NT
cs4232 driver 12217035.exe Windows 95
423x-based cards driver Cr423x.zip Windows 95