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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Dell Computer Drivers
ESS Mastro 2E driver 98aud290.exe Windows 98
NM3298 driver 35ntaud1.exe Windows NT 4.0
AD1885 driver 3019-A13.EXE Windows 98
HK395 driver 395HT_EN.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_FR.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_GE.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_IT.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_JP.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_PO.EXE
HK395 driver 395HT_KO.EXE
audio_dell5100.zip Windows XP
wdm audio driver driver wdm_audio_driver.zip Windows XP
dell laptop latitude driver Dd2071e.exe Windows 98
del_oudio.EXE Windows 3.1
optiplex gx 260 driver Windows XP
SmartStep Series driver 1881w98s.zip Windows 2000 Professional
dimension vxxxc/vxxx driver TB2-213a.EXE Windows XP
CT4780 driver sblw9xup.exe Windows 98SE
SoundMAX AD1881 driver SoundMAXAD1881.zip All Windows 98
mmp driver winamp.exe Windows XP
Dimension V350 driver Z6658D04.exe Windows 98SE
Inspiron 8500 driver S5wua06i.exe Windows XP
DellInspiron3200.zip All Windows 2000
Optiplex GX260 driver Setup.exe 21
Inspiron 3800 Latitude CPTS CPXJ driver M3KUA14A.EXE Windows 2000 Professional
Inspiron 3800 4000 8000 8100 Latitude c500 c600 c8 driver M3KUA14A.EXE Windows 2000 Professional
ADI 198x Integrated Audio driver R49606.exe Windows 98SE
Inspiron 7500 driver a14_i75.exe Windows 98SE
V350 driver Windows 98
TB2-Eng.EXE Windows 98
inspiron 3500 driver Inspiron3500_Audio.zip Windows 98SE
AC97 AD 1885 driver dellanalogsound.zip Not Specified
Maestro 3i driver M39UA06A.EXE Windows 98SE
CS 4236B driver Ps0192.zip Windows NT 4.0
Mediarck.exe Windows 98SE
Mediarck.exe Windows 98
CSSETUP.EXE Windows 98
SB PCI64v driver sbnt4eng.exe Windows NT 4.0
d266xt driver Setup.exe Windows 98
Latitude XPi driver Audio.EXE Windows 95b
vibra 16 driver Nt4vb16x.exe Windows NT
SB PCI 64V driver D0368r01.exe Windows 98
Crystal Semiconductor CS 4236B driver dd8210c.exe All Windows NT all
AC97 82801AA Controller driver Z3205U01.exe Windows 95
Dell Dimension XPS D333 driver aweflsh.exe Windows 95 & 98
For the GXi Model driver gxi-aud3.exe Windows 95
GX1 driver ntcrystalaudio.exe Windows NT