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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Drivers
pavilion 533w and others driver ac97_audio.rar Windows XP
Pavilion 753n driver alc20x.zip Windows XP
Hp Pavilon 751n driver Windows XP
pavilion 523w driver wdm_a362.exe Windows XP
mx 75 driver mx_75.zip Windows XP
HP Scanjet 7450c scanner driver sj709.exe Windows 95
HP Officejet 590 All-in-One driver oj590en95002.EXE Windows 95
Pavilion XT936 driver PW4031.zip Windows 2000
xt926 driver hpagent.wsf Windows ME
Presario 6454nx driver Windows XP
PassionofChrist.exe Windows 2000 Server
513n driver Ap.zip Windows 2000
SP24302.exe Windows 2000
RIPTIDE EACC010 D7400-12 driver HP_Chameleon_9x.zip Windows 98SE
Audio10-15-02HPaudij...110.exe Windows XP
774Y driver Intel82801ABAc97Audio.zip Windows XP
HP Pavilion 7938 driver wdm_a351.exe Windows 98SE
RiptideAudio-mondemWin98.zip Windows 98SE
xz168 driver audio.zip Windows XP
creative es1371 driver capp_setupus.exe Windows 98SE
ac974026.exe 21
hp 8140 driver hp8140AnalogDeviceAD...zip.zip Windows 98SE
hp 8140 driver hp8140AnalogDeviceDr...59a.exe Windows 98SE
wme_cham.exe Windows 98SE
CS4297 driver Soundw-midi.zip Windows ME
Pavilion 533w 500 P9859A driver 533wAudio.zip Windows XP
brioaudio_nt4.exe Windows NT 4.0
sndvol32.exe Windows XP
pavilion mx70 driver sndvol32.exe Windows XP
hp pavilion mx70 driver sndvol32.exe Windows XP
hp pavilion 4530 driver ripnaw2kforhppav4530.zip Windows ME
Pavilion 7945 driver wdm_a343a.exe All Windows 2000
Pavilion All in One Modem, Fax, Audio, Game driver camhsf2k.exe All Windows 2000
Pavilion 533w driver wdm_betaver4.exe Windows XP
ac97ich4.zip Windows XP
Hp9898se2000FullRipt...ers.zip 21
pavilion 8674F driver sound.zip Windows 98SE
774y driver Ap.zip Windows XP
cham508.exe Windows ME
pc80079 driver rip417na.zip All Windows 98
Pavilion xt926 (p5164a) driver ComboAudio_A1u350b.zip Windows 98SE
General.idf All Windows 98
ripnaw2k.exe Windows 2000 Professional
Setup.exe Windows 98
Pavilion 8120 driver sb16w9x.exe Windows 95b
4563z driver rip417na.exe Windows 98
Pavilion 6830 driver cs4299.zip Windows 98SE
Windows 2000
HP 6355 driver Cwb3dsnd.exe Windows 98
8665c driver SOUND.DRV Windows 2000 Pro
hp pavilion 751n series driver iexplore.exe Windows XP
crystal chip driver wpo4z1en.exe Windows 98SE
ES1371 driver HPPavilion8380SoundD...hip.exe Windows ME
hp xl753 driver hpXl753riptidecomboc...ers.zip Windows 98SE
Pavilion 8660 driver camhsf2k.exe Windows 2000 Pro
HP XE783 Pavilion driver 810audio.exe Windows 98
JetAudio 4.81EX full driver JetAudio.zip Windows ME
Pavilion 7920 driver SoundCard.zip Windows 98SE
HP Riptide driver HPRiptideAudioModemC....17.zip Windows 98SE
COGNAC MOBO ONBOARD SOUND driver PW4031sound.zip Windows 98SE
Pavilion Audio/Modem driver Win9x.zip Windows 98SE
RiptideDrivers.exe Windows 2000
Desktop XT963 driver cs4299.zip Windows 98SE
EnsoniqPCI Audio driver EnsoniqPCIAudio.zip Windows 98
Hpsetup.ini Windows 98
8565c driver ripnaw2k.exe Windows 2000 Pro
810 chipset (82801aa) driver ac97driv.exe Windows 98SE
KAYAK (D4808N) driver AD1816.zip Windows XP
Pavilion 8760c driver audiomodemcombo.exe Not Specified
HP 6535 driver PV4026.zip Windows 98SE
8550 driver rip417na.exe Windows ME
hp78xx built in audio driver hp78xxbuiltinsoundcrystal.ZIP Windows 98SE
crystal 4299jq Windows 98SE
Rockwell Riptide Audio driver riptide.zip Windows 98
Sbide.sys Windows 98SE
Pavilion 8160 driver 5.99Win2000Drivers.exe Windows 2000
rippc99na.exe Windows 2000
pt4026 from xe735 machine driver CRSYTALWDMAudioCodec.exe Windows 98
HP 6634 driver hpaudmod.rar Windows 98
Conexant Riptide driver ripnaw2k.exe Windows 2000
U3986v3 driver HP_VectraU3986.zip Windows 95 & 98
ripnaw2k.exe Windows 95 & 98
HP omnibook 5700 CTX driver SOUND.zip Windows 95
Pavilion 6535 and others driver CrystalSound.zip Windows 98
Pavilion 6535 driver 6535audio.zip Windows 95 & 98
Genmidi.zip Windows 98
Pavilion 6370z driver SETUPEX.EXE Windows 95 & 98
Hewlett Packard RipTide-HCF Data Fax PCI driver rpfun.zip Windows 2000
as2w1us.exe Windows 3.1
as2n1us.exe Not Specified
as2l1us.exe Not Specified
as2x1us.exe Not Specified
as2c1us.exe Not Specified
as2d1us.exe Not Specified
930w95.exe Windows 95 & 98
HP Pavillion 8140 AD1815/16 SoundMax driver dsac300.zip All Windows 95
Riptide PCI Audio Device Riptide PCI Audio Device driver rip417na.exe Windows 98
all current Pavilion PCs driver cham508.exe Windows 98
6475Z driver ripnaw2k.exe Windows 2000
HP audio+modem driver Hpaud.zip Windows 95
Pavillion driver Sndmx106.zip Windows 95 & 98
Pavillion driver sndmx107.zip Windows 95 & 98
riptideaudio1.zip Windows 95 & 98
aud1008.inf driver vuox1us.exe Windows 95 & 98
HP Pavilion 8180, AD1816, AD1816A driver dsac300.zip Windows 95 & 98
para brio driver AztecAud.zip Windows NT
azt1008 driver smo1xd1u.zip Windows 95