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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Intel Drivers
intel-fw82801AB-ESS driver RCD.rar Windows 98
82801 BA/BAM AC97 Audio Controller driver ac97.zip Windows 2000
82801DB DBM/DA AC97 driver 82801DB_DBM_DA_AC97.zip Windows XP
SE440BX2 driver Intel_Motherboard_SE440bx2.exe Windows 95
mb029 driver ac97intc.sys Windows XP
Fw82801aa driver Windows 98
Windows XP
HP Pavilion 774y driver AC_97_Driver_for_Int...ler.zip Windows XP
results.htm Windows 2000 Server
D815EEA2 (motherboard) driver wdm3030_basic.exe Windows 98SE
Intel 82801AA Controller AC 97 Driver for win 98 driver Intel82801AAControll...n98.exe Windows 98SE
pcg-grt786m driver stac9750t-9766t_v5.1...wdm.exe Windows XP
ac97 driver ac97soundrealtek.exe Windows XP
82801 driver intel82801.zip Windows 98SE
82810/82815 family driver intel82810ac97audio.zip Windows 98SE
82801db driver Intelr82801DB-DBM-DA...ler.rar Windows XP
810 driver AudioIntelFW82810Mil...8Se.exe Windows 98SE
I263 & I420 driver VIDCI263.zip Windows XP
SB AudioPCI 128 (WDM) driver 51201331.exe Windows 98SE
242937USA8.EXE Windows ME
AC97 ADI1886 driver VIA_AC97.zip Windows 98SE
Intel 810/810e Chipset MX3WPro,AD1881V2 driver ad1881.exe All Windows 98
Motherboard SE440BX2 or E139761 driver e10disk.exe Windows 98SE
I820 82820 D815EEA driver IntelWindows9x.zip Windows 98SE
I820 82820 D815EEA driver IntelW2K.zip All Windows 2000
I820 82820 D815EEA and D850MD driver IntelD815EEAW2K.zip 21
ac 97 driver alc20x.zip Windows XP
002 driver intelraudiodriver.zip Windows 98SE
SoundMax driver SndMxWDM.exe Windows 98SE
SoundMax driver SndMax95.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
810 onboard driver wmplayer.exe Windows 98SE
Crystal 429x driver Cs429xW9x.zip All Windows 98
BI440zx driver BI440ZX_ES1373_Creat...dio.zip Windows 98SE
Windows 98SE
MB091ADD.zip Windows XP
STAC9750T driver stac9750t-9766t_v5.1...wdm.exe Windows 98
Intel 845 biltin driver SndMAX.zip Windows 98SE
AC__97DriverforIntel...ler.zip Windows 98
older database Not Specified
bdf615en.exe Windows 98SE
82801 BA/BAM AC97 driver intel82801_ac97audio.rar Windows 95a
82850 driver AC__97_98SE_ME_2000_XP.exe Windows 2000
Intel 810 driver Intel810.exe Windows 98SE
ac97intc.sys Windows XP
ichaud.sys Windows ME
AC97 Intel 82801 AA driver AC97.zip Windows ME
ALS4000.SYS Windows XP
AC97 driver AC97_98SE_ME_2000_XP.exe Windows 2000
emu10k Windows ME
freezip.exe Windows 98SE
AC97 sound cards driver freezip.exe Windows 98
Intel 82801AA AC97 driver A214292.exe Windows 98SE
82801aa driver bdf615en.exe Windows 98SE
Windows 98
Windows 98
d815eea driver Windows 98
d815eea driver Windows 98
d815eea driver Windows 98
soundmax onboard BP810 driver Intel_BP_810_Audio.zip Windows 98SE
Soundmax Interagrated Digital Audio driver Intel_BP_810_Audio.zip Windows 98SE
810 chip set driver qfe242937.exe Windows 98SE
msacm iac2 driver EXCEL.EXE Windows 98
intel(r)82801AAAC97 driver Setup.exe Windows XP
ViaAudio130a.zip Windows XP
BP81010A driver Intel_BP_810_Audio.zip Windows 98SE
BP81010A driver Intel_BP_810_Audio.zip Windows 98SE
4299nt40.zip Windows NT 4.0
AC97 driver AC97.rar Windows 98SE
Hotwheels/Barbie driver WDM3012.EXE Windows 98SE
AC97DriverforIntelr8...ler.zip Windows 98
ICE_AC97WDMIntel_22.zip All Windows Versions
i810audiowMEdir5.zip Windows 2000
Audio.exe Not Specified
SoundMAX Digital Audio driver w9500087.exe Windows 95 & 98
pcispy.exe Windows 98
pcispy.exe Windows 95 & 98
810/E Chipset AC97 Codec 82801 AA/AB driver ac97.zip Windows 98
Intel 810e driver pMax_sound.zip Windows 98
intel driver Setup.exe Windows 98
AD1881 driver SoundMAX Digital Au Windows 95 & 98
AD1881 driver SoundMAX Digital Au Windows 95 & 98
Pcimp.pci Windows 98
Iac25_32.ax Windows 98
AUDIODRIVERSFORAL440LX.zip Windows 95 & 98
SB64 driver SoundBlaster.zip Windows NT