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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Leadtek Research (WinFast) Drivers
WinFast P4I845G, Version: driver Audio_WinXP.exe Windows XP
WinFast 9300DDR, Version:51201 driver 9300DDR_winxp_daudio51201.exe Windows XP
WinFast P4I845D, version:512 driver P4I845D_WINXP_AUDIO.exe Windows XP
WinFast 6Xsound, Version:2.79d driver 6XSound_WinXp.zip Windows XP
WinFast P4I845G, Version: driver Audio_WinNT40.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 7300K7, Version:401 driver 7300k7_nt40_daudio401.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 9100AX, Version:4.03 driver 9100ax_nt4_daudio.zip Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 9300DDR driver 9300DDR_winnt40_daudio.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast P4I845D, Version:230 driver P4I845D_NT40_AUDIO.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 4Xsound, Version:2.60F driver 4XSOUND_NT4_D260F.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 6Xsound, Version:2.79d driver 6Xsound_WINNT40.zip Windows NT 4.0
WinFast P4I845G, Version: driver Audio_WinME.exe Windows ME
WinFast 7300K7, Version:4.90 driver 7300k7_winme_daudio490.exe Windows ME
WinFast 9300DDR, version:51201 driver 9300DDR_winme_daudio51201.exe Windows ME
WinFast P4I845D, version:512 driver P4I845D_WINME_AUDIO.exe Windows ME
WinFast 4Xsound, Version:2.60F driver 4XSOUND_W2KME_D260F.exe Windows ME
WinFast P4I845G, Version: driver Audio_Win98SE.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast 7300K7, Version:4.1201 driver 7300k7_win98se_daudio41201.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast 9300DDR, Version:51201 driver 9300DDR_win98se_daudio51201.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast K7N415DA, Version:2.60 driver 2.60_audio_Win9x.zip Windows 98SE
WinFast 6Xsound, Version:2.79d driver 6XSound_WIN98SE.zip Windows 98SE
WinFast 7300K7, Version:4.1101 driver 7300k7_win95_98_daudio41101.exe Windows 98
WinFast 4Xsound, Version:2.60F driver 46XSOUND_W9598_D260F.exe Windows 98
WinFast 7300K7, Version:4.101 driver 7300k7_win95_98_daudio41101.exe Windows 95
WinFast 7300K7, Version:4.1101 driver 7300k7_win95_98_daudio41101.exe Windows 95
WinFast 9100AX, Version:405 driver 9100ax_w95_daudio.zip Windows 95
WinFast 9300DDR driver 9300DDR_win9x_daudio.exe Windows 95
WinFast P4I845D, Version:512 driver P4I845D_WIN9X_AUDIO.exe Windows 95
WinFast 6Xsound, Version:2.79d driver 6XSound_WINME.zip Windows 95
WinFast P4I845G, Version: driver Audio_Win2K.exe Windows 2000
WinFast 7300K7, Version:5.1201 driver 7300k7_w2k_daudio51201.exe Windows 2000
WinFast 9300DDR, Version:51201 driver 9300DDR_win2k_daudio51201.exe Windows 2000
WinFast K7N415DA, Version:2.60 driver 2.60_audio_Win2K.zip Windows 2000
WinFast P4I845D, Version:512 driver P4I845D_WIN2K_AUDIO.exe Windows 2000
WinFast 6Xsound, Version:2.79d driver 6XSound_WIN2K.zip Windows 2000
WinFast 7350KDA, Version:510 driver 7350kda_winxp_daudio510.exe Windows XP
WinFast 9600QSA, Version:512 driver 9600_WINXP_AUDIO.exe Windows XP
WinFast 5300MA, Version:4.0513 driver 5300MA_winnt_da40513.zip Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 6300MA PRO, Version:1.04 driver 6300mapro_nt4_daudio104.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 7350KDA, Version:400006 driver 7350kda_nt40_daudio40006.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 9100AXU, Version:5.12.2306.1 driver AudioNT4.zip Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 9600QSA, Version:230 driver 9600_NT40_AUDIO.exe Windows NT 4.0
WinFast 7350KDA , Version:500 driver 7350kda_winme_daudio500.exe Windows ME
WinFast 9600QSA, Version:512 driver 9600_WINME_AUDIO.exe Windows ME
WinFast 6300MA PRO, Version:1.04 driver 6300mapro_w98se_daudio104.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast 7350KDA, Version:500 driver 7350kda_win98se_daudio500.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast 9100AXU, Version:A1.90 driver 9100AXU_AUDIOdrv.exe Windows 98SE
WinFast K7N420DA, Version:2.60 driver 2.60_audio_Win9x.zip Windows 98SE
WinFast 5300MA, Version:5.0 driver 5300MA_w9x_da5.0.zip Windows 95
WinFast 6300MA PRO, Version:1.04 driver 6300mapro_w9598_daudio104.exe Windows 95
WinFast 7350KDA, Version:406 driver 7350kda_win95-98_daudio406.exe Windows 95
WinFast 9600QSA, Version:406 driver 9600_WIN9X_AUDIO.exe Windows 95
WinFast 6300MA PRO, Version:1.04 driver 6300mapro_w2k_daudio104.exe Windows 2000
WinFast 7350KDA, Version:500 driver 7350kda_win2k_daudio500.exe Windows 2000
WinFast 9600QSA, Version:512 driver 9600_WIN2K_AUDIO.exe Windows 2000
WinFast K7N420DA, Version:2.60 driver 2.60_audio_Win2K.zip Windows 2000
Leadtek WinFast 4Xsound driver WinFast4Xsound-46XSO...60F.exe Windows 98SE
SETUP.EXE Windows 2000