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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Microsoft Drivers
4.10.2222 driver Pci.vxd Windows 98SE
gm.zip Windows 98
canyon.mid Windows XP
x03-66348 driver SETUP.EXE All Windows 98
media player 8 driver WMNAll.exe Windows 95b
sis 7018 driver Iexplore.exe Windows ME
MS Kernel for Sound driver MESoundFix.exe Windows ME
Speak.exe Windows 95a
56k driver Mplayer2.exe Windows 98
N6Setup.exe Windows 98
devmgr32.dll Windows 98
4.10.1998 driver Sysaudio.sys Windows 98
Unidrv.dll Windows XP
Ksclockf.ax Windows 98SE
Pci.vxd driver Pci.vxd Windows 98
wmplayer.exe Windows 98SE
Win 98/98SE driver file driver Mmsound.drv Windows 98
Infinst.exe Windows 95a
wmplayer.exe Windows 98SE
YAMAHA OPL3-SAx WDM driver STREAM.SYS Windows 98
YAMAHA OPL3-SAx WDM driver KSUSER.DLL Windows 98
Microsoft MCI Wave Driver driver Mciwave.drv All Windows 98
Mmsound.drv Windows 98
fab# 22-0031 b1 driver mssblst.vxd Windows 98
Unknown driver w98files.zip Windows 98
speak.exe All Windows Versions
Dmusic.sys Windows 98
Windows 95 & DOS
Win Player driver MicrosoftSpeaker.zip Windows 3.1
????? ????? driver SPEAKER.DRv Windows 3.x
Kernel CSA Library v4.10.2222 driver ks.sys Windows 98
Spksnd.zip All Windows Versions
DSP Group From Microsoft driver AudioDrivers.zip All Windows
unknown driver Viaspoxd.vxd Windows 98
mspclock.sys Windows 95 & 98
mskssrv.sys Windows 95 & 98
Unknown driver Ksuser.dll Windows 98
Unknown driver Portcls.sys Windows 98
Unknown driver Sbemul.sys Windows 98
Unknown driver Swmidi.sys Windows 98
Unknown driver Wdmaud.drv Windows 98
Unknown driver Wdmaud.sys Windows 98
Msgsm32.acm Windows 95 & 98
Tssoft32.acm Windows 95 & 98
ES1938 driver Es1898.drv Windows 95
ES1868 driver Ess.sys Windows 98
opl3-sax driver Wdma_ymh.inf Windows 98
Cwbmidi.drv Windows 95
Vwstream.vxd Windows 95
Asound Gold LS100 driver ASgoldNT.zip Windows NT