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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

RealTek Drivers
8220 driver wdm_r110.exe Windows 2000
hp pavilion 724c driver ALC69.zip Windows 98
Pavilion 532W AC97 driver Realtek_AC97_Pavilion532W.zip Windows ME
H P Pavilion 6683 onboard for Intel 810 driver wdm_a364.exe Windows 98
via_chipset_AC_97_so...ver.ZIP Windows 95
via_chipset_AC_97_so...50_.ZIP Windows 95
ALC202A driver Audio_WDM5194.exe Windows XP
1.5 driver windows-rtlnic_616_...zip Windows XP
Emachines M6805 M6807 driver Emachines_M6805__M6807_audio.zip Windows 95
AC97 HP 533w driver wdm_a361.exe Windows XP
ALS007, Version A1.50 driver nt_007.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS100, Version A1.40 driver nt_100.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS100Plus, Version A0.70 driver nt_100p.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS120, Version A0.80 driver nt_120.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS200 driver nt_200.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS300, Version A1.0 driver als300_nt.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS300Plus, Version A1.40 driver nt_300p.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS4000, Version A1.40 driver als4000.exe Windows NT 3.x
RTA3000, Version A1.50 driver nt_rta3000.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALS120, Version A1.50 driver w98_120.exe Windows 98SE
ALS007, Version A1.10 driver w98_007.exe Windows 98
ALS100, Version A1.30 driver w98_100.exe Windows 98
ALS100Plus, Version A1.40 driver w98_100p.exe Windows 98
ALS200, Version A1.10 driver w98_200.exe Windows 98
ALS300, Version A1.60 driver w98_300.exe Windows 98
ALS300Plus, Version A1.30 driver w98_300p.exe Windows 98
RTA3000, Version A1.30 driver w98_rta3000.exe Windows 98
ALS007, Version A1.60 driver w95_007.exe Windows 95
ALS100, Version A1.30 driver w95_100.exe Windows 95
ALS100Plus, Version A1.80 driver w95_100p.exe Windows 95
ALS120, Version A1.30 driver w95_120.exe Windows 95
ALS200, Version A1.30 driver w95_200.exe Windows 95
ALS300, Version A2.10 driver w95_300.exe Windows 95
ALS300Plus, Verison A1.30 driver w95_300p.exe Windows 95
ALS4000, Version A1.10 driver a1_10.exe Windows 95
ALS4000, Version A1.50 driver w95_4000.exe Windows 95
Modio driver modio.exe Windows 95
RTA3000, Version A0.30 driver w95_rta3000.exe Windows 95
ALS100, Version A1.10 driver w2k_100.exe Windows 2000
ALS100Plus, Version A1.10 driver win2000.exe Windows 2000
ALS120, Version A1.10 driver w2k_120.exe Windows 2000
ALS300Plus, Version A1.10 driver w2k_300p.exe Windows 2000
ALS007, Version A1.30 driver os2_007.exe
ALS100, Version A1.20 driver os2_100.exe
ALS100Plus, Version 1.16 driver os2_4_100p.exe
ALS120, Version 1.16 driver os2_4_120.exe
ALS120 driver os2_3_120.exe
ALS200, Version 1.16 driver als200.exe
driver version a3.57 driver RealTek_AC97_ver_a3.57.exe Windows XP
Ac97 Realtek driver wdm_a358.exe Windows 98SE
ALC202A driver Win9x2kXp-wdm_a355.exe Windows 98
alc202-wdm_a354a.exe Windows 98
Realtek Avance ALC AC97 Audio Drivers driver Realtek_Sound.exe Windows 98
Realtek AC97 Audio driver Realtek_Sound.exe Windows XP
Realtek ACL650 AC97 Via audio driver driver pb_alc650_5320.exe Windows XP
ac97 audio drivers driver RealtekAC97AudioDrivers.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
alc100p.exe Windows XP
ALC201 driver RealALC201_2KXP_3650.exe Windows XP
ALS4000 driver Windows XP
AC 97 codec drivers (all OS) driver wdm_a349.exe Windows XP
realtekAC97DriversforWINXP.zip 21
ac97 driver Avance-RealtekAC97.exe Windows XP
ALC201 driver Windows XP
AC97 Audio v 5.10.0000.4110 and v 5.10.0000.5280 driver wdm_betaver3.zip Windows XP
AC97 for D.Js !!! driver wdm_a342.exe Windows XP
rtalcwseva246.exe All Windows 98
Realtek driver Avance-RealtekAC97.zip Windows XP
ALS120 driver Realtek_als120.zip Windows 95a
rtvga_v2_91024_b driver realtek Windows 95a
8139 driver win98-8139504.zip Windows 98SE
Pro16PNP driver 16PNP3D.EXE Windows 98
Setup.exe Windows 98SE
als100.exe Windows 98
ALS4000.SYS Windows ME
Ac97W98.zip Windows 98
RTA3000 driver 120_win20.exe Windows 2000
winxp.exe Windows XP
wdm1.exe Windows ME
cmi8330 driver Cmi8330.inf Windows 98
ALS4000 driver als4000-win2000.exe Windows 2000
Avance 100+ driver als100.exe Windows 98
SoundTrek driver als007.exe Windows 95 & DOS
als100.exe Windows 95 & DOS
N/A driver als100.exe Windows 95 & DOS
Rta 3000 driver Rta3_aug.exe Windows 95 & 98