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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

SiS Corporation Drivers
86c326 driver Win98.txt Windows 98
730S driver Gm.dls Windows 98SE
sis 620 driver Windows XP
Audio Driver, SiS630ST, SiS645DX, SiS645, SiS630S, SiS630ET, SiS630E, SiS630, SiS650, SiS730S, SiS74 630_208d_win2kxp.zip Windows 98
Audio Driver, SiS648FX, SiS648MX, SiS655, SiS651, SiS655FX, SiS655TX, SiS661FX, SiS735, SiS741, SiS7 a12111c.zip Windows 95
Audio Driver, SiS735, SiS745, SiS645, SiS645DX, SiS651, SiS635, SiS300, SiS650, SiS740, SiS962, SiS9 sis701-2.4.x.tar Linux
SIS 730s driver ac97audio.zip Windows 95
SiS530 driver GA-5SMM_motherboard_...ers.zip Windows 95
getfile.exe All Windows 2000
SiS7012 driver UDA039_WDM.zip Windows XP
SIS 530/5595 driver Sound.zip All Windows 98
SIS 630/730 - SiS 7018 driver sis7018.zip Windows ME
1, 310, 867 driver SiS7018Win95_98.zip All Windows 98
7018 driver sisMEv3110.exe Windows ME
CMI8738 driver cmi8738.zip Windows 98SE
Sis7018.sys All Windows 98
167 KB driver SiS7018SoundCardDriv...sME.rar Windows ME
167 KB driver SiS7018SoundCardDriv...ion.rar Windows 98SE
SiS620AudioDrivers.zip Windows 98SE
Sa114-6.exe All Windows 98
CMaudio_CMI8738.zip Windows 98SE
SIS7018.SYS Windows XP
SIS7018.CAT Windows XP
SiS 7018 driver sis7018Audio.zip Windows ME
P6s5at Onboard Sound Card driver SiS7012.zip Windows XP
Sis7018.exe Windows XP
SiS540, SiS630, SiS630E, SiS630ET, SiS630S, SiS630 driver 7018_114sis730sAudio.zip All Windows 2000
CM18738/pci-sx driver _SETUP.DLL Windows XP
SiS7018.exe Other
SIS7012 driver sound-SIS7012.zip 21
SIS7018 driver sound-SIS7018.zip 21
SIS 530 Chipset driver sis530audio.rar All Windows 98
Setup.exe All Windows 98
sis 630 driver audio_sys630_7018_114.zip Windows XP
sis7018 driver 7018_119_w2kxp.zip Windows XP
Sndrec32.exe Windows 98SE
Sndvol32.exe Windows 98SE
Sis 7018 driver 7018_114.zip Other
Cmaudio.vxd Windows 98SE
7018 driver Iexplore.exe Windows ME
sisUSBrg.exe Windows 2000
Setup.exe Windows XP
AC97 Windows ME
AC97 Windows ME
AC97 Windows ME
sis530 cmi8338 intergrated sound driver 8338wdm536.zip Windows XP
SiS7018.zip Not Specified
sis7018winxp.zip Windows XP
Sound Pro em PC100 - SIS530 driver SProS530.zip Windows 98SE
SiS 6801 onboard SiS 530 / 5595 motherboard driver w9x191cfull.zip Windows 98
7018dos.exe Windows 98SE
5598_113_win98.zip Windows 98
onboard driver I dont not Windows XP
530 PnP chip set driver ALS120.ZIP Windows 95b
OPTi 82c933 driver OPTI_933BASIC.zip Windows 98SE
6326 driver Sissetup.exe Windows 95a
32K6326.EXE Windows ME
SiS 7012 driver 7012_106.zip Windows XP
SIS 7012 driver 7012_106.zip Windows 98
SIS7018.SYS Windows ME
7018 driver SiS7018v6130wXP.exe Windows XP
7018 driver SiS7018v6130wXP.exe Windows XP
7018 driver SiS7018v6130wXP.exe Windows XP
i8042prt.sys Windows XP
M729 driver NTSETUP.EXE Windows XP
unknown driver Track03.cda Windows XP
tbirdhd.drv Not Specified
uide102.exe Windows 98
q285156_w2k_sp3_x86_en.exe Windows 2000 Pro
Sa114-8.exe Windows XP
sis 7012 driver sis7012_103c.zip Windows XP
7018 driver SoundDriver_1.exe Windows 98SE
630 driver Sa114-8.exe Windows XP
SisSoundDriver7018.zip Windows 98SE
SisSoundDriver7018.zip Windows 98SE
sis7012 driver sis7012.sys Windows NT 4.0
sis7012 driver sis7012.sys Windows NT 4.0
Sis 7012 driver sis7012PATCH.zip Linux
5595 driver sis620w9x153c.zip Windows 98
sound98.zip Windows 98
ht 8738 driver Windows 98
Iexplore.exe Windows 98SE
8738AM/PCI driver CMI8738_WIN9x_1096.zip Windows 98SE
SiS0000.inf Windows XP
SiS7012 driver Windows 98
IT8870F driver ITE Windows 2000 Pro
soundblaster 64 driver sb64pci.zip Windows 98
s819w98.zip Windows 98
5597/5598 driver Cmi8330.inf Windows 98
sis7018 driver Sis7018.exe Windows 2000
Sis 530/540 driver Sa114-6.exe Windows ME
CMI8338, CMI8338A, CMI8738 driver cmpci_9x.exe Windows 2000 Pro
Sis530v.drv Windows 98
7018_audio_1.05a driver sis7018_audio_1.05a.zip Windows NT 4.0
sis 530 driver audio driver onbord Not Specified
7108 - 730/630/540 series driver Sis7018_Win98se.exe Not Specified
7018 driver Sa109-6.exe Windows ME
SiS 7018 and more driver Sa109-6.exe Windows 95 & 98
Sis_5530-620-5595__uide100.exe Windows 98
530/5995 driver es1938s.zip Not Specified
Temp5.zip Windows 95 & 98
530 driver Setup.ins Windows 98
530 driver Setup.exe Windows 98
CMI8738 driver Setup.exe Windows 98
Sis6326 driver Sa106-5.exe Windows 2000
DISK1.zip Windows 95 & 98
SiS530 / SiS5595 driver w9x191cfull.zip Windows 95 & 98
sis motherboards driver many various Windows 95 & 98
qr6z07us.exe Windows 98
Cm8338.inf Windows 98
CM8330.DRV Windows 2000
CMI8330.INF Windows 2000
SIS597.INF Windows 2000
CM8330.VXD Windows 2000
CM8330SB.DRV Windows 2000
sis530 CMI8738 driver w9x191cfull.zip Windows 98
5597 driver SIS 5597 Windows 95 & 98
SIS5595 driver Setup.exe Windows 98
SIS SiS530 driver SIS530sound.zip Windows 98
CMI8330 driver Nt40drv.zip Windows NT
CMI8330 driver W98drv.zip Windows 98
CMI8330 driver W95drv.zip Not Specified
Sa100-5.exe DOS
1.00 driver Sa100-6.exe Not Specified
1.00 driver Sa100-5.exe DOS
1.00 driver Sa100-2.exe Windows NT
1.00 driver Sa100-3.exe Windows 98
1.00 driver Sa100-4.exe Windows 95 & 98
1.00 driver Sa100-1.exe Other
1938 driver Win9x.zip Windows 95 & 98
8330 driver Cm8330.exe Windows 95 & 98