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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

SoundBlaster Drivers
PCI 128 CT-4700 driver SOUND_BLASTER_PCi_12...700.rar Windows 98SE
all ISA cards driver SB_isa_all.exe Windows 95
Sound_Blaster_AWE_64.exe Windows 95
CT2511-SBT driver CreativeCT2511-SBT.zip Windows 3.1
gateway driver ksclockf.ax Windows 98SE
soundblaster_16.zip Windows 95
SB16SND.DRV Windows 95
SBAWE32.DRV Windows 95
SB 0220 driver Windows 95
5.1 dig 0220 driver Windows 98SE
AudioPCI 64/128 driver eapci2m.ecw Windows 2000 Server
Model: SB0100 Sound Blaster Live 5.1 driver SB_LIVE_5.1_SetUpPack_ENG_.exe Windows 2000
SB0090 oem driver audiogisb0090.rar Windows XP
SB0220 driver SB_Live_Win9xdrv.exe Windows 95b (osr2)
unknown driver realplay.exe All Windows 98
SoundBlaster.zip 21
SoundMax_AD1981Bdriver.exe Windows XP
PCI64V driver e64w9xup.exe All Windows 98
sb 0220 driver sb0220.rar Other
fggggg driver MySharedFolder.url Windows 98SE
sound.zip 21
PCI 128 (CT5803) driver SBCT5803XP_2000.exe Windows XP
winamp.exe Windows XP
ac97via.sys Windows XP
AWE 64 driver Windows 98SE
931c driver optisoundcard.rar All Windows 98
SB128PCI.zip All Windows 98
wmplayer.exe All Windows 98
SB0100 driver Win9xdrv.zip All Windows 98
ct8903-dcq driver sonido_ct3600_4170awent40.exe Windows NT 4.0
CT4740 & CT481x driver SBAudioSetup_WNT.zip Windows NT 4.0
CT4740 & CT481x driver SBAudioSetup_W9x.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
mplayer2.exe All Windows 98
Sound Blaster Live! driver Sound_Blaster_Live_Drivers.zip All Windows 98
CT1350A driver Windows 98SE
ct4810 driver ct4810_wdm.zip Windows 98SE
any soundblaster 16 driver AWEMAN32.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
live drive IR driver Remote_ctr_1-40.zip Other
FM0801-A1 driver Sndrec32.exe All Windows 98
MPLAYER2.EXE Windows 95a (osr1)
Sequencer Plus Pro driver Sequencer_Pro.zip Windows 95a (osr1)
pct 512 driver mmd.kxs Windows XP
InetReg.exe All Windows 2000
7512183.exe Windows XP
CT4830 driver SB_Live_Player_1024_...ver.exe Windows NT 4.0
CTPlay2.exe Windows XP
cmi8330 driver sondblaster 16 prˇ Windows 98SE
SBAudioSetup_W2k.zip Windows XP
CT5808 driver CT5801.zip Windows 98
CT2230 driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 95b
es1371 Windows 98SE
es1371 Windows 98
es1371 Windows 98
es1371 Windows 98
es1371_R4_x86.zip Windows 98
Live! driver SOUND.DRV Windows XP
Live! driver SOUND.DRV Windows XP
ME370840096356 driver SoundBlasterDrivere64w0xup.exe Windows 98SE
wmplayer.exe Windows 2000 Pro
CT 4810 driver Win9598.zip Windows 98SE
sndvol32.exe Windows XP
CT4670 driver sblw9xup.exe Windows 98SE
AUXDRV.DRV Windows 98
Upddrv95.exe Windows 95a
SoundBlasterpro8bitW...isk.zip Windows 3.x
127 driver SNDVOL32.EXE Windows 98
CT4760 driver sblw9xup.exe Windows 98
PCI 128 driver SBPCTAudioSetup_W2K.zip Windows 2000 Pro
Blaster live mp3 driver SBLWMEDrv.exe Windows ME
AudioPCI 128 driver SBPCI128Setupus_w9x.exe Windows 98SE
Windows 98SE
CT 4180 driver Windows ME
sc1938 driver sc1938.exe Windows 98
Empac Blaster PC driver Blaster_MEsetup.zip Windows ME
M003 Blaster Motherboard driver Blaster_9xsetup.zip Windows 95a
ct4810 driver CT5880SBPCI.zip Windows ME
Yamahadsxgwdm.exe Windows 98SE
sb95up.zip Windows ME
SB16 driver DAP.exe Windows 98SE
1243801030 driver UPDDRV95.EXE Windows 95b
Soundblaster.exe Windows ME
Mssblst.drv Windows 95b
sbpci128.pdf Windows XP
Live driver ASPLive ASIO Driver Windows 98
folder.htt Windows 98
Cm8330.drv Windows 98
Setup.exe Windows 98SE
242937USA8.EXE Windows 98
CT4810 Chipset CT5808 driver SBPCTAudioSetup_W2K.zip Windows ME
SB Audio PCI64v driver PCI64.zip Windows 98
CT4500 driver SB_AWE64_9x_Setup.exe Windows 95b
CT 1600 driver Sbpro2.dos.zip DOS
sound blaster 16 driver WMPLAYER.EXE Windows 98SE
CT2230 driver sbcdinstall.zip DOS
infonie.ini Windows ME
3DMark2000.exe Windows ME
CT4760 driver sblw9xup.exe Windows 98SE
ct5880-dcq driver creative Windows 2000 Server
RunMe.EXE Windows 98
ENGLISH.zip Windows 98SE
DXDIAG.EXE Not Specified
CT4810 driver SB_AudioPCI_128_CT4810_Win9x.zip Windows 98SE
PCI Multimedia Audio Device driver R31894PCIMultAudDev.exe Windows 98
Audigy MP3+ driver ADGXPDrvUpdate.exe Windows XP
CTLauncher.exe Windows XP
Sbsetup.exe Windows 98
logagent.exe Windows 95b
SBPCI128setupus_w9x Windows 98SE
SBPCI128setupus_w9x Windows 98SE
CT4700 driver e128up9x.exe Windows 98SE
Mssblst.vxd Windows 95b
SBPCI 128 driver SBPCI128Setupus_w9x Windows 98SE
All SoundBlaster Live! driver SBLiveXPDrvUpdate.exe Windows 2000
wmplayer.exe Windows 98
SB16 PCI driver SBAudioSetup_W2k.zip Windows ME
D_00001641.zip Windows 98
SB Live! 1024 (CT4830) driver sblw9xup.exe Windows 98SE
Tiger99.exe Windows 98
logical device 1 internal driver Setup.exe Windows 98SE
CT4810 driver v128w9x.exe Windows 98
CT4830 driver Windows NT 4.0
MUL4000.INF Windows XP
SND4000.INF Windows XP
SND4000.INF Windows XP
SB Live! driver emu10k1.vxd Windows 95b
SB16 Value driver DriverSB16.exe Windows 98SE
live driver lw3drv.exe Windows 2000 Pro
Sound Blaster 16 driver SB16Install.ZIP Windows 3.x
Cliconfg.exe Windows 98
16 pnp isa slot driver sbw9xup.exe All Windows Versions
e64w9xup.exe Windows 98
ct4700 driver pci128.zip Windows 98
e64w9xup.exe All Windows Versions
CT2980 driver Sbw9xup.zip Windows 95 & 98
sbLive_3219_wdm.zip All Windows Versions
Driverpnpsoundchip.exe Windows 95 & 98
CT4170 driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98
SoundBlaster 16 PCI driver SoundBlaster16Driver.zip Windows NT
SoundBlaster16Driver.zip Windows 2000
Sbawe64.inf Windows 95 & 98
SBLWMEDrv.exe Other
audio-1.exe Windows 2000
Logagent.exe Windows 98
Emu10k1.vxd Windows 98
All driver Soundblaster.exe All Windows Versions
Windows 2000
Sb16snd.drv Windows 98
ES137195.DRV Windows 95 & 98
sound blaster pci64v driver ES137195.DRV Windows 95 & 98
ct 4810 driver capp_setupus.exe Windows 98
sblive.pdf Windows 98
sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98
SoundBlaster 16 Pro Windows 98
SBLFX.DLL Not Specified
CT4830 driver 8210_snd.exe Not Specified
pci128 driver sbpci128setupus.exe All Windows Versions
SoundBlasterPCI128.exe Windows 95 & 98
SB 128 driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98
raplayer.exe Not Specified
Emu10k1.vxd Windows 98
setup.exe Windows 98
sblcy9x.zip Windows 95 & 98
sbw9xup.exe driver soundblaster Windows 95 & 98
SB PCI128 driver All Windows Versions
Blaster.exe Windows 95
AD1816A driver Setup.exe Windows 98
PCI 128 driver e128up9x.exe Windows 95 & 98
vibra 16x pnp driver vibra 16x pnp Windows 95 & 98
Windows 95 & 98
Install.exe Windows 95
Ctdevcon.exe Windows 95
Sound Blaster Pro driver SBPROV2.ZIP All Windows Versions
SNDVOL32.EXE Windows 98
SNDVOL32.EXE Windows 98
AWE64 driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98
CT4170 driver awent40.exe Windows NT
SoundBlaster PCI 128 driver PCI128.exe Windows 95 & 98
SB AWE 64 driver sbawe64NT.zip Windows NT
SB AWE 64 driver Sbawe64.zip Windows 95
Dos4gw.exe Windows 98
Audio driver cm18330 All Windows
Enscfg32.exe Windows 95 & 98
4mb wavesets driver eapci4m.ecw Windows 95 & 98
PCI 128 driver soundble128up9x.exe Windows 98
CT1330A driver Sb16fm.drv Windows 3.1
Sb16snd.drv Windows 98
CT3100 driver soundblasterpci128-c...ers.zip Windows 95 & 98
Setup.exe Windows 95 & 98
95dosapp.exe Windows 95 & DOS
Awent40.exe Windows NT
SoundBlaster 32 AWE driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 98
Q3dctl.exe Windows 98
30w98v64.zip Windows 98
cm8330sb.exe Windows 98
sbw9xup.exe Windows 95
e64nt4u.exe Windows 95 & 98
Sb16awe.inf Windows 98
cmopl.drv Windows 95 & 98
CT4170 driver sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98
ct13501.zip DOS
ct13502.zip DOS
sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & DOS
Cmrack.exe Not Specified
Cmmpu.exe Windows 98
SoundBlaster16Frontier.zip Windows 95 & DOS
Reply Corporation ct2501-tbq driver Win95snd.exe Windows 95
unknow driver audiosta.exe Not Specified
Soundblaster 16 driver sbcddw95-sndblaster.exe DOS
sb16.zip Windows 95 & 98
sounblaster.zip Windows 95
AWE64GOLD/AWE64/AWE32/SB32/SB16 driver awent40.exe Windows NT
sb128_9x.exe Windows 95 & 98
Aweman32.dll Windows 95 & DOS
SBLive256 driver sblnt4up.exe Windows NT
sbw9xup.exe Windows 95 & 98