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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

SoundPro Drivers
ht1869V driver WelcometoTiscali.eml Windows XP
CMI8330-ver20.zip Windows ME
CMI8330-ver20.zip Windows ME
Win_XP.zip Windows XP
wpwwahh1.mid All Windows 98
soudpro driver ht1869v+pci Windows 98SE
ht1869v+ driver 8330wdm-417.zip All Windows 2000
ht1869v+ driver 8330wdm-417.zip All Windows 2000
hfavince1.art All Windows 98
CM8330 driver c30wdm35.zip All Windows 2000
8330.zip Windows NT 4.0
AUDIO3D.DLL All Windows 98
AUTOEXEC.BAK All Windows 98
aTU All Windows 98
Logagent.exe All Windows 98
winzip81.exe All Windows 2000
8330 driver Cmmpu.exe All Windows 98
Driver.zip Windows 98SE
cm8330.sys Windows XP
w9x191cfull.zip Other
Playwav.exe Windows 98SE
HT 1869+ driver Ht-1869.zip All Windows 98
748MR driver PCISOUNDPRO.zip All Windows 98
Ht8738 driver 8738.zip Windows 98SE
9850 driver CM8330.DRV Windows XP
Example.zip Windows 98
CMI 8330 CMI8330 driver CMI8330-ver20.zip Windows 98
CMI8300/C3D driver 8330wdm-417.zip Windows 2000 Pro
HT1869V+ driver Windows XP
HT8738AM/PCI driver HT8738AM_PCI.zip Windows 2000
CM8330.DRV Windows XP
Cmi8330.inf Windows XP
HT1869V+ driver WelcometoTiscali.eml Windows XP
dsuninst.exe Windows 2000 Pro
ds34063a-07.zip Windows 98
ds34063a-07.zip Windows 98
Kopiavtridwave.sys Windows XP
HT8738am/pci driver cm630xp.exe Windows XP
HT8738MA/PCI driver CMI8738_WDM_0639W2K.zip Windows 2000 Pro
Cmi8330.inf Windows XP
HT83381 driver HT8338AXP.zip Windows XP
SoundProHT8738DRVW95-98.zip Windows 98SE
HT1869V driver Windows 98
Cmi8330.inf Windows XP
ht8338a driver HT8338a.zip Windows 98SE
EXCEL.EXE Windows 2000
Cmi8330.inf Windows XP
HT8738am driver SoundProHT8738DRVW95-98.zip Windows 98SE
30W98ver20.zip Windows 95b
CM18330 Audio Adapter driver 30W98ver20.zip Windows 95b
HT8738AM driver 8738w98.zip Windows 98SE
amrxp.zip Windows 98
HT8738AM/PCI driver HT8738AM_PCI_WIN98.zip Windows 98SE
cmi8330 driver 8330wdm-417.zip Windows 2000 Pro
MPU401.DLL Not Specified
ht1869v+ Not Specified
HT8738 driver CMI8738_WIN9x_1096.zip Windows 98SE
DAP.exe Windows XP
WINZIP32.EXE Windows 95b
s-yxg50 driver Default.ini Windows 98SE
s-yxg50 driver card.ini Windows 98SE
ht1869+ driver Windows 95b
1869 v+ driver 1869-98.zip Windows 98SE
HT8338A/PCI HRTF 3DX AUDIO driver CMI8330W2K.zip Windows XP
CM18330 AUDIO ADAPTER driver Bt848r1.exe Windows 98SE
CM18330 driver desktop.ini Windows 98SE
Cm8330.drv Windows 95b
soundw98.zip Windows 98
Windows 98
Base4.cab Windows 98
HT 1869 v+ driver Windows ME
SoundPro HT8738AM-PCI driver 8738PCIWIN9X.ZIP Windows 98
55.4KB zip driver HT8738-AM-PCI.zip Windows 98SE
HT8738-AM-PCI.zip driver HT8738-AM-PCI.zip Windows 98SE
ALS4000.SYS Windows XP
adchips.zip Windows 2000 Pro
ht8338a/pci sound card driver PCISOUNDNT_HT8338.ZIP Windows 98SE
Soundpro.exe Windows XP
cmi8738 driver Windows 2000
HT1869V+ driver Windows 98
PCIMultimedia Windows 98SE
marcelo.zip Windows 95a
HT1869V+/CM8330 driver itWorks.zip Windows 98
Sbsetup.exe Windows 98
Sndrec32.exe Windows 98
CMi8330/C3D Audio Adapter driver win9normal.zip Windows 95b
Gm.dls Windows 98SE
Gm.dls Not Specified
HT1869V+ driver All Windows Versions
HT8738 amPCI driver SoundProHT8738DRVW95-98.zip Windows 95 & 98
HT8338 PCI driver PCISOUNDNT_HT8338.ZIP Windows 2000
dd326.zip Windows 95 & 98
dd326_32.dll Windows 95 & 98
DS16.DLL Windows 95 & 98
SIS6326M.VXD Windows 95 & 98
ht 1869 v+ driver Windows 3.1
ht 1869 v+ driver Windows 3.1
CMI 8330 Multimedia device driver soundcard.zip Windows 95 & 98
Driver98.chm Windows 98
ht1869v+ driver Windows 2000
ht1869v+ driver Windows 2000
s_prow98.zip Windows 98
cmi8330 driver Windows 98
SOUND.ZIP Windows 95 & DOS
cmi8330 driver audio3d.dll Windows 95 & 98
ebl42 9901 driver hrtf 3d audio Windows 98
pci ht 8338 driver CMI8338drv.zip Windows 95
Sndrec32.exe Windows 98
CMI8330 driver soundpro.zip Windows 95 & 98
8338A driver PCISOUNDPRO.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cmmpu.exe Not Specified
HT8338A/PCI driver PCISOUNDW9X.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
Cm8330.drv Windows 98
AIM.EXE Windows 95 & 98
AIM.EXE Windows 95 & 98
AIM.EXE Windows 95 & 98
ht8338a/pci driver sound pro Windows 98
CM18330.zip Windows 95
Sndrec32.exe Windows 95
Cmmpu.exe All Windows Versions
W98drv.zip Windows 98
SoundProCm8330Win98.zip Windows 98
SoundProCm8330Win95.zip Windows 95
HT1869V+ driver soundpro95.zip Windows 95
WINDOWSWinHlp32.BMK Not Specified
CMMI8330 driver CMMI8330_Old_W98drv.zip Windows 98
CMMI8330 driver CMMI8330_New_W98drv.zip Windows 98
CMMI8330_New_W95drv.zip Windows 95
CMMI8330 driver CMMI8330_Old_W95drv.zip Windows 95
CMI8330 driver Windows2000(WDM) 4. Windows 2000
HT1869V+ driver sp98upp.exe Windows 98
Cm8330.drv Windows 95 & 98
w95w31.zip Windows 95
JOYPORT.SYS Windows 2000
Soundrec.hlp Windows 98
Onborad SoundPro Chip CMi8330 driver SoundProNT4.zip Windows NT
MT3883 driver spro.zip Windows 98
ntsndpro.zip Windows NT
soundpro.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cmmpu401.drv Windows 95
Cmmpu401.drv Windows 95
CMI8330 driver W98drv.zip Windows 98
CM8330 driver W95drv.zip Windows 95
SP5patch_i386.exe Not Specified
Cm8330sb.drv Windows 98
Cm8330sb.drv Windows 95 & 98
Cm8330sb.drv Not Specified
CM8330SB.DRV driver s_prow98.zip Windows 98
Cm8330.drv Windows 95
audio3d.dll Windows 95
Soundpro95.zip Windows 95
Soundpro95.zip Windows 95
Soundpro95.zip Windows 95
HT1869V+ driver S_pront4.zip Windows NT
ht1869v driver CM8330.DRV Windows 95 & 98
CMI3380 driver sp98upp.exe Windows 95 & 98