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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

VIA Technologies Drivers
via686.zip Windows 95
A1u380a driver ComboAudio_A1u380a.rar Windows 98
vt8233 driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V540a_M.zip Windows 2000
VT8233 driver VT8233.zip Windows 95
1029 driver Viacodec.exe Windows XP
Envy 24 Family Driver driver Envy24_Family_Drivers_V324c.zip Windows XP
Vinyl Stylus Audio driver driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V550a.zip Windows XP
Vinyl Stylus Audio driver driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V550a.zip Windows XP
Vinyl Stylus Audio driver driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V550a_M.zip Windows XP
Vinyl Stylus Audio driver driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V550a_M.zip Windows 95
VIA8233 driver VIA8233.rar Windows 95
Vinyl_AudioCodec_V550a_M.zip Windows 95
VT8235 driver Vinyl_AudioCodec_V540a_M.zip Windows 2000
ComboAudio_A1u370a_and_more.zip Windows 2000 Server
VT82C686B driver cm275a_w9x.zip Windows 95
vt8237 driver ac_97XP.exe Windows XP
ac97 driver Via_AC_97_AllWin.exe Windows XP
wdm_a354a.exe Windows 2000
MVP4 driver VIAMVP4.zip All Windows 98
viaac97w98sewme.exe Windows ME
VT82C686A/VT82C686B/...T8233B/ driver Audio.zip 21
K7VMA driver via9x_Me_nt_w2k.zip All Windows 98
Via PCI Audio Controller (AC97) driver ComboAudio_A1u390a.zip All Windows 2000
ECS P4VXASD2 driver vxadwin120a.zip Windows ME
AC97 driver SETUPDIR.zip Windows XP
Via AC 97 various chips driver ComboAudio_v3.80a.z Windows ME
VIAUDIO.CAT All Windows 2000
Via 686a and some others driver audio_231b.exe Windows 98SE
ac97via.sys Windows XP
ComboAudio_A1u370b.zip Windows 98SE
viaudio.sys Windows XP
VIAAC97AudioControllerWDM.exe Windows 98SE
VIAUDIO.SYS Windows 2000 Professional
Via8233 driver avanceac97.rar Windows XP
ComboAudio_A1u350c.zip Windows 98SE
Via driver 68MU220a.zip Windows 98SE
VT8233A Windows XP
Unknown Vt1612A or AC97 Codec driver Vt1612A.zip Other
Via_vt1612A.exe Other
Pci.vxd All Windows 98
Via_Audio_Driver_6.14.exe Windows ME
VT82C686A driver a1u340bp3.zip Windows 98SE
Windows 98
Windows 98
Windows XP
VIA AC97 driver VIAHyperion4in1445v.exe Windows 98SE
ac97 Windows 98SE
VIAUDIO.SYS Windows 2000
VT82C596B driver C-Media Windows 98SE
Via VIA AC97 driver viawinx.zip Windows 2000
Uninst.zip Not Specified
ComboAudio_a1u320b.zip Windows XP
als100+ driver als100.exe Windows 95b
ac97via.sys Windows XP
6863b driver 6863b.exe Windows 98
VIA VT1612A Audio driver audioen300a.zip Windows 2000
sigmatel 9708 /VIA 663 driver 6863b.exe Other
ac97WINMEdrv.zip Windows ME
CHIP AC97 INTEGRADO driver Audio_a1u320b_AC97.zip Other
Windows 98SE
80 driver setup.exe Windows 98
ComboAudio_a1u311b1.zip Other
Cfgwiz.exe Windows 98SE
setup.exe Not Specified
W98_USB_VIA82C686A.zip Windows 98
68usr10* via97 driver 68usr108.zip Windows 2000
VIA82C686A driver VIATechnologiesInc.VIAUDIO.INF Not Specified
Via-ac97 driver via-ac97.zip Windows ME
ViaWDMAudioNotebook.exe Windows ME
PowerDVD.exe Windows 2000
viapciaudiowdm.zip Windows 98
winme.zip Windows ME
VT686A/B driver 68MU220a.zip Windows 98SE
viaac97 driver SOUND.DRV Windows XP
Patriot FK500/1 driver Audio.zip Windows 98SE
Via AC97 onboard sound driver viaac97.zip DOS
via_audio_120a.zip Windows 2000
VIA PCI AUDIO CONTROL driver DriverCD.exe Windows ME
68mu120a.exe Windows 98
via ac97 driver VIAAC97.zip Windows 98SE
1.20 driver viasound120ULTIMODRI...CA2.zip Windows ME
d83z10us.exe Windows 98SE
AC97 driver VIAUDIO.SYS All Windows Versions
AC`97 Integrated audio driver 68mu120a.exe Other
VT82C686A driver Windows 95
PCI VIA Audio onboard driver viaaudw2k.exe Windows 2000
WDM_3111_W2K_signed.zip Windows 2000
Windows 98
ac97s.zip Windows 98
via82cxxx driver via82cxxx-1.1.14b.tar.gz Unix or Linux
vw2kcodec111c.exe Windows 2000
WIN2000.zip Windows 2000
ac97s.zip Windows 98
SP15442.exe Windows 98
viasound_98.zip Windows 95 & 98
68mu111c.exe Windows 95 & 98
VIA VT82C686A driver 68mu111c.exe All Windows Versions
Presario 1277 driver 151619.ZIP Windows 98
VIA 686 Sound driver via686audio.zip Windows 95 & 98
Viaudio.inf All Windows Versions
VIA audio for Presario 1200 XL118 driver ViaAudioDriverWin9X2K.zip All Windows Versions
presario 1200 driver VIAUDIO.INF Windows 95 & 98
via vt8501 driver 4in1424a.zip Windows 95 & 98
Viaudio.inf Windows 98
Compaq 1200 XL103 driver ViaAudio.zip Windows 2000
Compaq 1200xl-106 laptop driver Viaudio.zip Windows 98
Presario 1246 driver 4in1422.zip Windows 2000
68usr108.exe Windows 98
viaudio.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cmi8330.inf Windows 98
FIC VIA MVP4 driver 68usr108.exe Windows 98