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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents do not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

NEC Drivers
XPRESS_HDD_EXT_USB_W98.zip Windows 95
sd-usb2.0-nec-5 driver sd-usb2.0-nec-5.exe Windows 98
e313 driver e313.zip Windows 98
e313 driver e313-usb-driver-w98-2k-XP.zip Windows 2000
v0.216 driver USB20NEC_Win98SE-XP_v0.216.exe Windows 98
NEC UF0002 USB driver FPC_FDD_12_USB.exe Windows 98SE
nec usb 2.0 pci host adapter driver U2v2_08.exe All Windows 98
NECUSB2.zip 21
sp503app.exe All Windows 2000
USB2 5-port PCI Card driver USB2.zip Windows XP
usb.zip Windows 98SE
NEC_USB2.0 PCI Card driver U2v2_062.exe Windows ME
UF0002 driver Other
USB20.zip Windows XP
NEC_usb20.zip Other
UP215-1123 driver V1110.zip All Windows 98
up202-0525 driver UP202-0525.zip Windows 98SE
PUC-102 driver NECUSB.zip Windows XP
ME-320 Series (U2/F) driver USB20Drivers.rar Windows XP
nehcd.sys Windows XP
2.0 PCI adaptor driver U2v2_02.exe Windows XP
UF000x driver FPC_FDD_12_USB.exe Windows 98SE
UDMA66 driver NECUSB2.zip Not Specified
USB2.zip Windows 2000
ousb2hub.sys Windows 98SE
ousbehci.sys Windows 98SE
NEC US2236 driver Windows 95b
ex. usb uf0001 driver Uf000x.inf Windows 2000
ex. usb fdd uf0001 driver Uf000x.inf Windows 2000
UF0001 driver sfloppy.sys Windows 2000
NUP10102.EXE Windows 2000