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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Aztech Labs Drivers
VG632 driver snt40v125.zip Windows NT 4.0
VGS3D driver winnt.zip Windows NT 4.0
VGTNT driver winnt.zip Windows NT 4.0
VG632 driver sw98-v125.zip Windows 98
VGTNT driver win98.zip Windows 98
VG632 driver sw95-v125.zip Windows 95
VGS3D driver win9x.zip Windows 95
VGTNT driver win95.zip Windows 95
BIOS VGS3D driver notv25.zip
Xtreme driver Bt848.vxd Windows ME
AZFIN 3328 driver 168win95-125.zip Windows 95b
Vanta 8 and 16 driver Nvidia Windows 98SE
Vanta-8/Vanta-16 driver vanta.exe Windows 98SE
aztechtnt216mbagp.zip Windows 95b
aztechtnt216mbagp.zip Windows 98
Aztech Multimedia TV-500 driver tv500.zip Windows 95b
vgs3d driver LNE100TX.SYS Windows 98SE
SiS0000.inf Windows 98
Galaxy Oscar Mpeg driver oscar140.zip Windows 95 & DOS
Aztech TNT2 Vanta 16T driver azttnt2.exe Windows 95 & 98
aztv54123120 driver Windows 95
Video Galaxy 256MB driver video_galaxy256..zip Windows 3.1
ptv.zip Windows 3.1