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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

Cirrus Logic Drivers
CL 5465 4M AGP driver 5465_agp.rar Windows 98
CL-GD5426/8 Display Drivers driver driver.rar Windows 95
5480.zip Windows 95
NBK001228-00 driver disp134b.exe Windows 95
Cirrus.inf Windows 98SE
CL-GD5465 driver 5465nt40.zip Windows NT 4.0
CL-GD5446BV-HC-A driver CL-GD5446BV-HC-A.zip Windows 2000
CL-GD5434 driver CL-GD5434.EXE Windows 95
6434 driver NT31.ZIP Windows NT 3.x
5434 driver 5434.zip Windows 3.1
5436 driver 5436.zip Windows 3.1
5462 PCI driver WINZIP32.EXE All Windows 98
CL5420/5430/5434/5440 driver CirrusPackardBell.zip 21
ciriuslogicdriver.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
VGA-CL65A/4RJ driver cl65t171.exe Windows NT 4.0
VGA-CL65A/4RJ driver cl65j71b.exe Windows 98SE
Cirrus5434.zip Windows 98SE
5430/40 pci driver Cirrus.vxd All Windows 98
k755xd61.zip Windows 98SE
7555 PCI driver k755xd62.zip Windows 98SE
7555 PCI driver 7555PCI.zip Windows 98SE
Laguna 5462 & 5464 chipsets driver CIRRUS.zip Windows ME
Cirrus Logic GD542X driver CirrusLogicGD542X.zip 21
clgd 5465 hc c driver 5465w98.zip All Windows 98
clgd-5465-hc-c driver 5465w98.zip All Windows 98
Cirrus Logic GD5465-HC-C driver Cirrus_logic_GD5465-HC-C.zip Windows NT 4.0
Config.sys Windows 95a (osr1)
GD5446 driver GD5446OS.21 IBM OS/2
20434-198ac driver SETUP.EXE Windows 95a (osr1)
CL500A Cirrus 5465 driver cl500a.zip All Windows 98
CL-GD5465-HC-C.zip Windows ME
cl gd 6440 driver 6440-D5.ZIP Windows NT 4.0
Cirrusmm.drv Windows 98SE
Install.dat Windows 98SE
Cirrus Logic 5434 PCI driver CirrusLogic.zip Windows ME
5430/40 driver cirrus5430-40.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
CL 5446P driver cl5446P.zip All Windows 2000
Drv_Cirrus_Logic_5440.zip All Windows 98
5434 pci driver cmi8738_5434_pci_zipped.zip Windows 98SE
5464_win95.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
cl60-5401 driver EXPLORER.EXE Windows 98SE
gd5401 driver EXPLORER.EXE All Windows 98
CL 5420 5439 5434 5440 & possibly 5444 driver Cirrus_DX_flash.zip Windows 95b (osr2)
5430/40 driver cirrus5430-40.zip Windows 95a (osr1)
5430/40 PCI driver 5430-40_PCI.exe Windows 95a (osr1)
w9x_141.zip Windows 98
5430/40 pci driver 5434pci-w98.exe Windows 98SE
5430/40 pci driver 5434pci-w98.exe Windows 98
6205 driver sisdisp.zip Windows 98SE
VGA 755x driver cirrus755xvga.zip Windows 98
5440.INF Windows 98SE
graphics driver video Windows ME
CirrusLogic546x.exe Windows 98SE
5434 driver CIRRUSMM.DRV Windows 98
cl-gd5410.zip Windows 98SE
S3trio64V2.zip Windows 95a
CL-GD 7543 driver 7543w95.exe Not Specified
GD-7555 driver Cirrus.inf Windows 98SE
Cirrus.inf Not Specified
5429/30/34 driver Cirrus5429_30_34.zip Windows 95a
5430/40 pci driver cirrusmm.drv Windows 98
NEC P60 driver nec5434.zip Windows 98SE
5430/M30/M40 PCI driver cl5430w98.ZIP Windows 98SE
gd5401 driver Windows 95b
5434pci-w98.exe Windows 98
CL-GD5429-86QC-B driver CIRRUS LOGIC Windows 98SE
gd5446bv-hc-a driver gd5446.zip Windows 95a
gd5440/ Reveal VC 850 driver gd5440.zip Windows 95a
VideoHighway64VTRemote.ZIP Windows 95b
VideoHighway64VT.ZIP Windows 95b
CL-GD5446BV.ZIP Windows 95b
cl-gd5320 driver cl-gd5320 Windows ME
get_info.zip Not Specified
cirrus logic 4281 pci driver Pv5018.zip Windows 95b
CL5465AN driver CL5465AN.zip Windows 95a
CL-GD5465-HC-C.zip Windows ME
546X.INF Windows XP
CL-GD5465-HC-C driver CL-GD5465-HC-C.zip Windows ME
GD-5465 driver 5465-9x.exe Windows 98
CL-GD5436.zip Other
Windows 98SE
Cirrus.drv Windows 98
13074-198ac driver install.reg Windows 95a
CL-GD6410 driver u641x01.zip Windows 3.x
CL-GD543x driver clgd543x.exe Windows 3.x
CL-GD5425 driver cl5425.zip Other
K543x-d5.zip Windows 98
CL-GD5446BV-HC-B driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95b
GD-5465 driver 5465nt40.zip Windows NT 4.0
CL-GD5446 driver DOS_CL-GD5446.zip Windows 95a
CL-GD5446 driver 0S2_CL-GD5446.zip OS2
cl65-4rj driver INSTALL.EXE Windows 98SE
k54x662 driver CLk54x66x.zip Windows 95b
GD546X Laguna AGP/PCI driver cl651701.exe Windows ME
5446nt4.zip Windows NT 4.0
GD5446 driver c46w141.exe Windows 98
CL GD5401 driver SETUP.EXE Windows 95a
cl-gd5401-42qc-b driver opti264.zip Windows 98
VGA-CL5464/2RJ driver cl5464.rar Windows 95b
5430/40 pci driver Windows 98SE
5430/40 pci driver cirrus login Windows 98SE
CL-GD54M30 driver win31.zip Windows 3.x
CL-GD5430.zip Windows ME
CL-GD7556.zip Windows 98SE
VGA.DRV Windows XP
GD 546X VGA driver Windows 98
CL-GD5465-HC-C driver 5465nt40.zip Windows NT 4.0
5465 Laguna driver CIRRUS5465v2.zip Windows 98
Cirrus 5430/40 driver Windows 95a
CMMPU401.DRV Windows 98
GD5480 driver Upddrv95.exe Windows 98
218050 - 002 driver 95CL5446.zip Windows 98
CirrusDriver.zip Windows ME
CL-GD54xx driver Zclmode.zip Windows 95a
GD5420 driver Cl5440.zip Windows 95a
cirrus546xa9x.zip Windows 95b
hpclogic.zip Windows 95b
5401.zip Windows 95b
CLGDD32.DLL Windows ME
5465VPM.DLL Windows ME
CL-GD5464 driver CL-GD5464.zip Windows 95b
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d3.zip OS2
all(?) driver Not Specified
CL 5434/CL 5436 driver compaqdrivers.exe Windows 95a
5465 driver 5465w98.zip Windows 98
cl-gd5401 driver Windows 95b
cl-gd5401 driver Windows 95b
Windows 95b
CL543x/M3X / CL544X/M4X driver CL-GD54M40.zip Windows 98SE
cl546xp Windows 98
5446 driver 95CL5446.zip Windows 95a
cl-gd5446 driver cl-gd5446 Windows 98
GD-5465 driver 5465nt40.zip Windows NT 4.0
GD5446-HC-D driver 5446.zip Windows 98SE
Cyrrus GD7548 driver CirrusLogicGD7548VideoDriver.zip Windows 98SE
K543x-d5.zip Windows 95a
laguna gd5465 driver 5465w98.zip Windows 98
755x driver cl-gd755x Windows 98
546x driver k546Xd5.zip Windows NT 4.0
5434 5435 5436 5446 driver cirruslogicvideo-CL5...446.zip Windows 98
cl-gd5430 driver k543-dl.zip Windows ME
GD5465 driver Cl65j71b.exe Windows 98SE
GD 5420 driver GD 5420 Windows 98SE
546X 1.70f driver jy-5465.zip Windows 98SE
5465 driver gd5465.zip Windows 95a
cl-gd 7556 driver CL-GD7556.zip Windows 95b
CL-5426/5428 driver CL542X.zip Windows 3.x
v60w95.zip Windows 95a
CL-GD5401 driver K543x-d5.zip Not Specified
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w98.zip Windows 98
Prolink cl5465 driver w9x_171.zip Windows 95b
CL-GD5401 driver Windows 95b
5429 VGA driver CirrusLogicCL-CD5429AVGA3.zip Windows 98
Sp9542.exe Windows 98
cl-gd5420-75qc-c 30552-277cc 9447t driver cl-gd5420-75qc-c Windows 98
w82420en.exe Windows 98SE
CL-GD5430 driver CL-GD5430.zip Windows ME
5430pci driver Windows 98
546X driver Cl65j71b.exe Windows 98SE
cl-gd5430 driver SETUP.EXE Windows 95b
CL-GD5430 driver GD5430.exe Windows 98SE
5446 driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95b
CL-GD5402 driver vga120.exe Windows 95a
cl-gd5420-75qc-c driver Windows 98
CL 5446BV driver w9x_141.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cirrus GD5429/30/34 driver CirrusGD5429-30-34drivers.zip Windows 95 & 98
PV-CL544XP+ driver Windows 98
Win95.zip Windows 95 & 98
543x1.pci.zip Windows 95
VP5446 (TV) driver SoftMpeg.zip Windows 95 & DOS
VP5446 (TV) driver TVTap.zip Windows 95 & DOS
VP5446 (TV) driver Win95.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5465-HC-C driver CL-GD5465-HC-CAGP.zip Windows 95 & 98
gd5401 driver cirrus gd5401win95 Windows 95
CL-GD5401 driver All Windows
CL-GD5401 driver All Windows 98
CL GD 5434 driver cl-gd543x4x.zip Windows NT
cirrus.dll Windows 95
CL-GD5401-42QC-B driver CIRRUS All Windows
Msn.inf Windows 98
Msn.inf Windows 98
546x driver cirrus_logic_546x_win95.zip Windows 95 & 98
GD 5446 driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5446BV driver Windows 98
Cirrus Logic graphics 5434 5436 and many others driver SP6379.exe Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5402 driver CL-5402W.zip Windows 95
cl-gd5446 driver 5446nt4.zip Windows NT
cirruslogic542x.zip Windows 95 & DOS
5464 driver sb95up.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5436/5446 driver cl5446_win9598.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
k54406.zip All Windows Versions
5430 5440 5480 driver 749292_1.exe Windows 2000
cl-gd5465.zip Windows 95 & 98
5446 driver cirrus.exe Windows 95 & 98
LuxSonor LS220 driver ls220.zip All Windows 98
546X 1.7 (AGP) driver CirrusDriver.zip Windows 98
supports 5434 PCI driver cirrus041.zip OS/2
2302.zip DOS
DOS, NT 3.x, OS/2 Windows 3.1
cl5446.zip Windows 95
cl5446.zip Not Specified
5446 driver 5446vpm.dll Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5446 PCI driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95
CL5426 & CL5428 driver Windows 95
CL5426 & CL5428 driver Windows 95
CL5426 & CL5428 driver Windows 95
CL5446d_141.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
gd5424 sis6205 driver sis.exe Windows NT
Cirrus Logic 5436 driver C5436.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cirrus Logic 5446 driver C5446.zip Windows 95 & 98
5446 driver 5446 pci Windows 98
CL-GD5434 driver k54x67.zip Windows NT
GD-5480 driver TVTapPAL-M.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL GD 5402 driver cirrus logic Windows 95 & 98
6410 driver win31drv.zip Windows 3.1
5430 disk one driver k543xdisk1.zip Windows 3.1
6430 disk 2 driver k543x2disk2.zip Windows 3.1
5446 driver 5446nt35.zip Not Specified
5446 driver 5446nt4.zip Not Specified
Cirrusmm.drv Windows 95 & 98
Setup.exe Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD 5426/5428 driver cl5426_28.exe Windows 95 & DOS
Cirrus.inf Windows 95 & 98
5465 driver 5465w98.zip Windows 98
PV-CL5446P+ driver CL5446PP.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cirrus5446.zip Windows 95
k54242e.zi Windows 3.1
k54242e2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 driver Windows 3.1
MVGA-CL5465A driver 5465w95a.zip Windows 95 & 98
GD5428 driver Windows 95
5434 driver Cirrus5434.zip Windows 95 & 98
gd-546x.zip driver gd-546x.zip Windows 95 & 98
MVGA - CL5446P rev. D driver 5446d_141.exe Windows 95 & 98
virge s3d driver Setup.exe Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w95a.zip Windows 95
CL-5446 driver 5446d_141.exe Windows 98
Cirrus-GD5428.zip Windows 95 & 98
cirrusmm.drv Windows 95
cl-gd5428 driver cir143.exe Windows 95 & 98
GD 5440/54M40 V1.06 driver Video 54XX Windows 95
546x driver 546x.inf Windows 95
CL-GD5465 driver 5465nt35.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5465 driver 5465nt40.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5480 driver k54807.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w952.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w953.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5480 driver k54806e1.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5480 driver k54806e2.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5480 driver k54802e.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5480 driver k54803e.zip OS/2
CL-GD5465 driver 5465dsb.zip DOS
CL-GD5480 driver k54801e.zip DOS
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w951.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w311.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5465 driver 5465os2.zip OS/2
CL-GD5440/54M40/54M30 driver k5440-d4.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5440/54M40/54M30 driver k5440-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5462/5464 driver k546xd5.zip Windows NT
GD5440/M40 driver k54406.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5462/5464 driver 5464w951.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5462/5464 driver 5464w952.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5462/5464 driver 5464w953.zip Windows 95
GD5440/GD54M30 driver k54402e.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5462/5464 driver k546xd4.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5440/54M40/54M30 driver k5440-d3.zip OS/2
CL-GD5462/5464 driver k546xd9.zip OS/2
CL-GD5440/54M40/54M30 driver k5440-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5462/5464 driver k542x-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x-d4.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5436 driver k54x67.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5446 driver 5446nt4.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5446 driver 5446nt35.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5436 driver k54x661.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5436 driver k54x662.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x2e.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x2e2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5436 driver k54x62e.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5446 driver k54462e.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x-d3.zip OS/2
CL-GD5446 driver 5446os2.zip OS/2
CL-GD5430/5434 driver k543x-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5436 driver k54x61e.zip DOS
CL-GD5446 driver k54461e.zip DOS
CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 driver k542xd4a.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 driver k542x-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5402/5420 driver k5420-d2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 driver k542x-d3.zip OS/2
CL-GD5402/5420 driver k5420-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 driver k542x-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d1.zip DOS
GD5402 driver Cl-5402w.zip Not Specified
CL-GD5430 rev. 0 driver Cirrus.vxd Windows 95 & 98
546x driver 5465.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5410 driver cl-gd5410.zip Windows 3.1
AGP5465-4m driver 5465driver.zip Windows 95 & 98
5446 driver k5446t.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5465 driver CL-GD5465 AGP Windows NT
5446w98.zip Windows 98
CL-GD5465 driver Windows 95 & 98
K5426-D2.exe Windows 3.1
GD5430-40 driver cirrus5430-40.zip Windows 95
CL GD542x driver clgd542x.exe Windows 3.1
546x driver 5465w95a.zip Windows 95 & 98
5440 driver Ci5440.zip Windows 95
CI 5446 driver Ci5446.zip Windows 95
cirrus546xant.zip Windows NT
cirrus546xa9x.zip Windows 95 & 98
546 1.70f driver 5.70f.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD7548 driver SP6853.exe Windows 95
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d2.zip Windows 3.1
1.70a driver GD5465NT4.zip Windows NT
5446 driver cirruslog.ZIP Windows 95 & 98
CirrusLogic 7548 driver CL7548.exe Windows 95 & DOS
7556.zip Windows 95 & 98
GD5446 driver GD5446.zip Windows 95 & 98
cl-gd5426 - cl-gd5428 driver k54282e1.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5446 driver 5446nt40.zip Windows NT
Video Excell Cirrus 5436 driver VideoExcel.zip Windows 95
5446 base cards driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95
CL-GD542X driver k542x-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5422 CL-GD5424 CL-GD5426 CL-GD5428 CL-GD5 driver k542xd4a.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5422 CL-GD5424 CL-GD5426 CL-GD5428 CL-GD5 driver k542xd4b.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5430 and CL-GD5434 driver k543x-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5430 or CL-GD5434 driver k543x-d4.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5436 driver k54x67.zip Windows NT
5436-46 driver 5446nt3.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5420 driver k5420-d2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5420 driver k5420-d1.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d2.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d3.zip Windows 3.1
CL-GD5420 driver vga120.exe Other
CL-GD5436 driver clvbe20.zip Other
CL-GD542X driver k542x-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD542X driver 542xvga.exe DOS
CL-GD542X driver 542xvgal.exe DOS
CL-GD5429 driver k5429-d1.zip DOS
CLGD543x driver k543x-d1.zip DOS
CL-GD5430 driver 5430pci.exe DOS
CL-GD5434 driver 5434pci.exe DOS
Cirrus Logic 5436 5446 5480 driver cirrusL.zip OS/2
5446 driver Clvbetsr.exe DOS
CL5422/24 driver CL542x_132.zip Windows 95
GD-5446 driver Cirrus.inf Windows 95
5465w95a.zip Windows 95 & 98
5446 pci driver 5446w95.zip Windows 95 & DOS
Vpm32ap.exe Windows 98
5446 driver Cir5446.zip Windows 95 & 98
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 driver Cirrus.zip Windows 95 & 98
CIRRUS5434PCI.zip Windows NT
GD5422/4 driver CIRRUSGD5422_4.ZIP Windows 3.1
GD5422/4 driver CIRRUSGD5422_4.ZIP Windows 3.1
CIRRUSGD5422_4_2.zip Windows 3.1
cl-gd540x/542x avga driver Driver.exe DOS
5446 PCI video card driver 5446w91.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD543x driver CL-GD543x.zip Windows 3.1
S3 ViRGE/DX (375) driver S3virge_dx.zip Windows 95 & 98
cl542x driver cl542.zip Windows 95 & DOS
CL-GD5440 CL-GD54M40 or CL-GD54M30 driver k5440-d5.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5436 driver k54x67.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5465 driver 5465nt4a.zip Windows NT
CL-GD5465 driver 5465w95a.zip Windows 95 & 98
CL-GD5440 CL-GD54M40 or CL-GD54M30 driver k54406.zip Windows 95
CL-GD5436 driver k54x66.zip Windows 95
CL 5446-based cards driver 5446.zip Windows 95