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Our web database is constantly being updated. As such, it's contents does not necessarily reflect all available drivers. If your device driver is not listed, try the search above or download our driver update utility for a free system scan and driver search.

RealTek Drivers
RTG3105 driver RTG3105.ZIP Windows 3.1
ALG2032Plus driver nt_2032p.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALG2032Plus(ISA) driver nt_2032pi.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALG2064 driver nt_2064.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALG25128 driver nt_128.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALG2564 driver nt_2564.exe Windows NT 3.x
ALG2032Plus driver w95_2032p.exe Windows 95
ALG2032Plus(ISA) driver 32_isa.exe Windows 95
ALG2064 driver w95_2064.exe Windows 95
ALG2301 driver w95_2301.exe Windows 95
ALG2302 driver w95_2302.exe Windows 95
ALG2302 driver nt_2302.exe Windows 95
ALG25128 driver w95_128.exe Windows 95
ALG2564 driver w95_2564.exe Windows 95
RTG3105i driver w95_3105i.exe Windows 95
RTG3105ieh driver w95_3105ich.exe Windows 95
RTG3106 driver w95_3106.exe Windows 95
ULTRA-2201 driver w95_ultra.exe Windows 95
ALG2032Plus driver cw_32jun.exe
ALG2032Plus(ISA) driver w31_2032pi.exe
ALG2064 driver w31_2064.exe
ALG2301 driver w31_2301.exe
ALG2301 driver os2_2301.exe
ALG2302 driver w31_2302.exe
ALG2302 driver os2_2302.exe
ALG25128 driver w31_128.exe
ALG25128 driver os2_3_128.exe
ALG25128 driver os2_4_128.exe
ALG2564 driver w31_2564.exe
ALG2564 driver os2_3_2564.exe
ALG2564 driver os2_4_2564.exe
RTG3105i driver w31_3105i.exe
RTG3105i driver os2_3105i.exe
RTG3105iEH driver w31_3105ich.exe
RTG3106 driver w31_3106.exe
RTG3106 driver os2_3106.exe
RTG3108 driver cw31_3108.exe
ULTRA-2201 driver w31_ultra.exe
winzip81.exe Other
RTG3105i driver RealtekRTG3105i.zip Windows 98SE
RTG3105iEH driver RealtekRTG3105iEH.zip Windows 98SE
ALG 2302 driver w9x_2302.exe Windows 98SE
RTG3105iEH driver w95_RTG3105iEH.exe Windows 95b
3106_2000.exe Windows 98SE
PRG 3106 driver august.exe Windows 98SE
48069A1 439 driver Windows 98
RTG3105i driver 3105id3.exe Windows 95a
rtg3105/e driver RTG3105.rar Windows 95b
RTG3105 driver 3105id3.exe Not Specified
RTL8139.zip Windows ME
3105id3.exe Windows 95a
500kB driver RTL8139.zip All Windows Versions
RTG3106 driver 3106_2000.exe Windows 95 & 98
RTG3105 driver Windows 95 & 98
RTL8139 driver winnt4-8139376.exe Windows NT
RTG3105e driver 3105id3.exe Windows 95 & 98
RTG3105e driver Rtg3105eh.zip Windows 95 & 98
RTG1305/JAX-8227/V1 driver 3105id3.exe Windows 95 & 98
3105e driver Windows 95
3106 driver rt3106.zip Windows 95 & 98
RTVGA-V3-91020_A driver 3106.exe Windows 95
rtg3106 rtvga driver 3106.exe Windows 3.1
RTG 3106 driver 3106.exe Windows 95 & 98
RTG3105iEH driver 3105id3.exe Windows 95 & 98